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Alec Baldwin Gets a Pass

'Cause We're Shameless Starf**kers

6/28/2013 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Alec Baldwin just got a "Get Out of Homophobia Jail Free" card from the people at GLAAD ... because they don't have the balls to go after a self-proclaimed Hollywood liberal.

After Baldwin essentially called for the gay-bashing of a Daily Mail reporter ... the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- the same org. that's CRUSHED people for making far less harmful and threatening statements --  asked critics to back off Baldwin.

"Alec Baldwin is making it clear [to GLAAD]  that the intent behind his tweets does not excuse his language, especially at a time when there were 11 incidents of violence against gay men in New York City just last month. As we all work to end such senseless acts of violence, allies like Baldwin are right to use these moments to reinforce support for the community and LGBT equality."

But the statement continues ... and might reveal the REAL reason they're letting Alec off easy:

"Alec Baldwin has worked with several organizations and added his voice to a campaign by Fight Back NY to encourage the State Senate to pass marriage equality with out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He also had a guest role on Will & Grace and played a gay character in the 2006 Off-Broadway revival of 'Entertaining Mr. Sloane.'"

It's almost like the org. is afraid if they bash Baldwin, he'll STOP doing pro-gay projects. Hmmmm ...

If Bill O'Reilly said the same thing ... with the same explanation -- ya think GLAAD would still think it was no big deal?  Hmmmm ...



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COULD YOU STOP LOOKING AT PEOPLE THRU LENSES>>AND USE YOUR HEART and EYES..then you can see the truth..Justin Bieber is a kid far from home,..among he got some honest criminals to hang out with..Thugs..rebels..not the stab you in the back types..he bow down to them..not the other he got some backbone..just got to teach..him street be low key

480 days ago


look Bill O Reilly is nowhere as attractive as Alec..he is Good looking and , rich, sauve, that they want to suck his D#ck..he gets the badboy pass..none of his characters have been role models...i applaud his opinions and Paula Deene...what it is.. those words..make you think..people dont like to think anymore..the world is not made of cotton candy..Kanye is a momma's boy..not the average mother..but a doctor..everyones can see the anger and pain..he curses God and others for the lost of his mother..damn you guys are so jaded and blind

480 days ago


If GLADD wants to make an impact find some other way than to cruise on a persons celebrity. we are all entitled to our thoughts, we are free aren't we, so leave the celebs alone, that is all they are is celebs, no impact on our thoughts I hope. Quit riding on celebs coat tails, make a name for yourself in your own tight. Bullying which is what GLADD is not cool, and hasn't been for a number of years. You want to use a celeb to further your cause use one that has outed themselves There is enough of them. Oh what is the problem with that they haven't a haven't reached Baldwins level of fame? Can't use them? Grow up, already

480 days ago


mg. He is a friggin actor who cares what the hell he says, what we are a bunch of bananas that don't have a mind of our own?

I don't know about you, but what Alec Balwin say's has about as much impact as a head of broccoli. Give us a break.

480 days ago


So the ***gots gave the homophobe a pass! Too bad the spearchuckers didn't do the same for Paula Deen an official Brutha card!

480 days ago


Way to go TMZ! GLAAD to see you call them out for their double standard . Wow do people really support this organization

480 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

TMZ, stick to publishing the arrest reports of drugged-out has-beens. Your trolling skills suck.

480 days ago

Bill Leslie    

I hate hypocrites more than I do teh gays.

480 days ago


Double standards, much?

480 days ago


GLAAD has ZERO credibility because there is no consistency. So if a gay teenager is bullied tomorrow with, "I'd put my foot up your ass, but I'm afraid you'd like it too much", it's okay and in fact is not gay bashing or bullying. Why? Because Alec Baldwin said it and we like him. He's given us money so we will look the other way. Hypocrites just after the coin.

480 days ago


And I'm glad TMZ is calling out GLAAD!

480 days ago

Zach Swan    

Or maybe they don't want to attack him because it's no big deal and really, the only issue is that TMZ has something jammed up their butt and dislikes Baldwin so they're trying to make something out of nothing.

480 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

Alec Baldwin Gets a Pass
'Cause We're Shameless Starf**kers.
Because he's an uber liberal, that's the real reason and because he's still in the closet.

480 days ago



480 days ago

Timmy Boy    

WELL I got news for you TMZ, the people at the daily mail are gay. They will delete any comment against gays and wont even enable comments on articles with gay subjects.


480 days ago
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