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Paula Deen

Kmart & Sears

Bailing Out Too

6/28/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen can't apologize enough to stop the bleeding -- Kmart and Sears are now cutting ties with her in the wake of the n-word controversy ... TMZ has learned.

Sears Holdings -- owner of Sears and Kmart stores -- tells us, "After careful consideration of all available information, we have made the decision to phase out all products tied to [Paula Deen's] brand."

But the retail giants -- which carry Deen's cookware and dishware lines -- seem to be guilty of a little fence-sitting, because they added ... "We will continue to evaluate the situation."

Yesterday Home Depot, Target, and QVC also jumped ship ... following the Food Network's lead.

What's that saying about a pound of flesh?



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People are taking this WAY TOO FAR!!! Who among us has NEVER said anything that could be construed as racist? Comedians do all the time, Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson have made a career of it....c'mon people! She made a slur or two eons ago and told the truth about saying it. I will boycott EVERY sponsor she has for jumping ship on her.

449 days ago


Funny how Snoop Dogg had songs used in commercials for Pepsi and is an official spokesperson of Hot Pockets and Norton Anti-Virus. Yet he was a legit self proclaimed pimp of women who actually produced porn of his 'hos' in action. Also the drug thing and the gangster thing. (not to mention more N words in his lyrics than you can count.) Alec Baldwin constantly bashes gays calling resporters 'little girl' or 'little bitch' or 'queen' yet he is the face of Capitol One Credit Cards. And don't forget Charles Barkley who stated on air, 'Is it any wonder I don't like white people?' and called many a person '***got' over the years, yet was an endorser of Nike and has more than one show on ESPN (a Disney owned network). It looks like a white person being associated with the N wor (even 20 years ago) pretty much gets you the career guiotine. Any other slanders/slurs against women, gays or whites and you keep racking up the endorsements.

449 days ago


Really no great loss losing them.

449 days ago

Ozzie X    

I heard Free Depend® is bailing out too.

449 days ago


If the shoe were on the other foot, this would not be news!!

449 days ago


If you read Lisa Jackson's deposition she states repeatedly under oath that she never heard or saw Paula Deen do or say anything racially or sexually inappropriate. Paula Deen is being punished for things her BROTHER did. Paula Deen was never even at that restaurant!@#$

449 days ago

Unconcerned Individual    

Next time some idiot calls me cracker or gringo I'm going to make his/her life miserable. I won't have to wait for retirement because I will sue and destroy their life like what is happening to Paula Deen. This is stupid.....what ever happened to ' Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me' and, 'Turn the other cheek' and 'forgive and forget'.

449 days ago

Nun ja biz    

RIDICULOUS! Retire,Paula! Write more cookbooks, people will buy them. If this is a huge problem then stop buying Jay Z and other rappers music that uses the N word and other colorful derogatory language.

449 days ago

average jane    

Unbelieveable to me just how much hate filled comments come from those who live in glass houses.

449 days ago



Q: Okay. Are you aware -- you were here during your brother's deposition, right?
A: Yes.
Q: So you are aware of the things that he admitted to?
Q: Did any of the things that your brother admitted to doing, including reviewing pornography in the workplace, using the N word in the workplace, did any of that conduct cause you to have any concerns about him continuing to operate the business?
A: No
Q: Are you aware of the.. or how much do you know about the evidence that has been obtained in this lawsuit about your brother’s conduct?
A: I don’t know. What is the evidence?
Q: Well, the deposition testimony of various employees.
Mr Franklin: I’ll object and instruct her not to answer anything
Q: Are you aware of Mr Hiers admitting that he engaged in racially and sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace?
Mr Franklin: Objection..

449 days ago


Yet you can still get a Chris Brown CD or a Michael Vick Jersey at the majority of these places. That's disgusting.

I don't condone what she said or racism for that matter but its a sad state of affairs when a person gets this treatment for making comments but a couple of pieces of garbage who have literally, physically hurt other living beings can still get rich from the same corporations.

If these companies were so righteous and moral, they wouldn't be selling CDs recorded by convicted, violent offenders.

449 days ago


What a bunch of hypocrites,
Dropping her for a pretty minor incident yet likely still sell their "Made in china, Indonesia, Thailand" goods which cost them pennies to manufacture and sell for premium prices - CORPORATE / MASS CONSUMERISM IS GROSS

449 days ago


Q: Are you aware of Mr Hiers admitting that he engaged in racially and sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace?
Mr Franklin: Objection..

Paula: Karl is the most judgementtal person I know. And out of every team member on our team, he is certainly the most prejudice.
Q: Prejudice against who?
A: You name it.
Q: African-Americans?
A: Gays, you name it.
Q: Did you hear of an incident involving an employee referred to as Big Will?
A: Oh, yes
Q: And as you, - the incident was first described to you, it involved a - essentially an attack on Mr. Frazier?
Mr. Franklin: Objection.

449 days ago


Paula should sue her old PR people and fire the ones she just hired. "I is who I is" ???? That statement did nothing to help her -- it only hurt her further. Also, pointing out the fact that she's heard the word used by staff in her kitchen just made matters worse.

If she had just been quiet for a day or two after the information from the depo came out, it might have gone down a little differently. Her people didn't wait to see what the full impact of her statements would have been.

A simple, no-excuses, heartfelt apology on live TV with someone other than Matt Lauer might have reduced the hemorrhaging. However, when my teenaged daughter watched her interview with Lauer, she was quick to point out that when Paula denied being a racist, she quickly looked down. This is a classic "tell" of a liar.

Don't feel bad for Paula. She's made enough money and her cookbook is #1 in presales on Amazon. She'll be just fine.

449 days ago


This is ridiculous! Dropping her shows and deals because she used the Nword.. Why? Because she is a southern white old style woman ?? Because it makes her an easy target ? I mean who hasn't used the N word in a ignorant way? That I agree with it , but look at the rappers and blacks who use it ? They think they own the word and they shouldn't even use it themselves .

449 days ago
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