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Jennifer Lopez

Happy Birthday Ambush

In Turkmenistan

7/1/2013 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Jennifer Lopez did nothing wrong when she sang happy birthday to the President of Turkmenistan ... because she was AMBUSHED ... this according to her rep.

Mega-manager Benny Medina tells TMZ ... Jennifer was NOT in Turkmenistan to perform for the Prez -- she was hired by the China National Petroleum Corp. for a corporate concert.  Lopez sang 3 songs, and Medina says as she finished her set someone walked up to him and said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow was in the audience and asked him if Lopez would come back on stage and wish him happy birthday.

Medina says it was HIS decision to bring Lopez back on stage at the end of the concert.  Medina tells us ... the Prez got on stage and the M.C. started goading Lopez to sing "Happy Birthday" -- singing it quietly in her ear, goading her on the spot to sing the Bday song.

Medina says there was no reason to do heavy research into the President's record, since no one even knew he would be at the concert.  Medina adds when Lopez started getting flack he did some research and found the FORMER Prez is the one with a record of human rights abuses, and Berdimuhamedow actually seems ok.

We asked if JLo was planning on returning her fee -- sources tell TMZ it's North of $1 mil -- Medina says there has been no such discussion.


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It is all about the Money You go J-LO all the way to the bank

481 days ago


Well, Berdimuhamedow actually seeming ok is a good enough excuse for me. Why shouldn't an ok singer sing to an ok tyrant for an ok compensation?

481 days ago


He's an tyrant with an ok human rights abuse record. She's an ok singer with an ok PR team. Seems like an ok fit to me.

481 days ago


China National Petroleum Corp.? So the Chinese own her too?

481 days ago


Much Much worse than Paula Deen... lets see if this Latina gets dropped like the white Paula did from all her sponsors.. if this was reversed the race card would be brought up.
Write to Kohls and see if they're going to drop JLO for this.

481 days ago

Farrah's Thong    

I'm tormented over the fact I would still do her

481 days ago


She might as well have sung Springtime For Hitler and Germany.

481 days ago


You wave big money in front of JLO and she does what you want

481 days ago


Can we just take a moment and acknowledge the fact this woman makes 1mil to perform. That is astonishing considering she has no talent. I wonder how much she sold her sold to the devil for in exchange for this 'singing' career :O

481 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Medina states there was no reason to do heavy research on this President??? Are you kidding me? Look where the hell she was! Nice try Medina but it appears you are falling on your sword for Miss Lopez. So this means you are both uninformed, lame, ignorant and totally out of touch with what is going on in the world today. Both of you should have stayed in school. Maybe you can get a seat next to Casper in his 7th grade World Events class. No excuse, NONE!

481 days ago


Jlo and Media are both s***e of this society, If you apologizes, then return the money or donate the money??? NO! We thought so, you don't really mean what you say? Jlo will do anything for money, she an evil women, Jennifer Lopez' ex-husband and others claim she practices Santeria, she would sell out the United States and the Free World for a price, she has no shame, she a trader to the Human Rights Association, Kohl's and Versions should dump her like the sponsors dump Paula Dean?

481 days ago


This story is complete bullsh*t. Otherwise the ambush angle would have come out right away.

She knew full well what she was going into and tried to get away with it.

Now the pressure is on her to donate the million she made and you have to know she doesn't want to.

Even if she does give the money away, it doesn't or shouldn't get her off. It was a hypocrytical move just like Be-yawn-ce and she got caught.

Now she should pay. The public shouldn't let her off and they should remind her all the time.

She's a complete phony.

481 days ago


OOOOOhhhh okkkkkay yeah, right.

481 days ago


I just want to know exactly how many millions does this woman need? I realize she has 3 kids to raise, but why even bother with all this??

481 days ago


ok so now if she really didnt know ..she should return the money she received...

481 days ago
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