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Lindsay Lohan

Terrified of Relapsing

I'm Going Into Hiding!!!

7/1/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is going from reckless to recluse -- we've learned she plans to go deep into hiding after she gets out of rehab in August ... to maintain her sobriety.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she now realizes she's been powerless in combating her addictions, and says cities like New York and L.A. only feed her demons ... so she needs to get out STAT.

Lindsay's scheduled to get out of rehab in early August -- and we're told she plans to move somewhere in the U.S. where there are no paparazzi  ... somewhere she can get back in touch with her true self.  A little pie in the sky, but that's what she thinks.

Sources connected with her treatment claim the 12-step program has been working.  We're also told she's deathly afraid of relapsing, and escape is her solution.

As for how long she wants to disappear, we're told Lindsay's not sure -- as long as it takes.



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For god sakes, Lohan speed dials the paps hey here I am. They don't follow her and they don't hound her. She is the only who keeps saying they do. Nice try.

Lohans version of going into hiding is when she's on her 3-4 day alcohol and drug binges.

477 days ago


It is not the city it is the people who surround you in those cities. If this is true it could mean she's finally starting to get it. Bravo Linds. Go girl.

477 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Terrified of relapse...Bwahahahahahahahah. Funny stuff.

477 days ago


I hope she hides so well no one will find her....that is if anyone really wants to look for her......

477 days ago


I have to admit, I didn't think she would last this long in rehab, but I honestly don't believe she will go into hiding. She will be back in the nightclubs soon after leaving the rehab.

She isn't going to change her ways. In her mind, no one tells her what to do.

477 days ago


Hopefully she'll "disappear" for 30 or 40 years but unfortunately TMZ and others with no life will be searching for her. Also, there are millions of people in NY and LA who are not drug addicts so blaming it on the cities is stupid and childish. It's the losers with whom she associates....

477 days ago


"Sources close to Lindsay tell us, she now realizes she's been powerless in combating her addictions, and says cities like New York and L.A. only feed her demons ... so she needs to get out STAT."

Wasn't Lindsay adament that she had no addiction issues, except for a recreational penchant for ecstasy?

She was still in denial about her addictions just prior to entering BF, and now, all of a sudden she's admitting she's got addiction issues?

Will she even remember telling "sources close to her" that she's admitted she's an addict just so they could run to TMZ for their $50 payout?

Will anyone have the kahonas to shove this story in her face, in her first post rehab interview when she, once again, blatantly denies her addiction issues?

Probaby not.

477 days ago

Bond James Bond    

She can hide at my house any day

477 days ago


Hmm -- I am not buying this story. I wonder if Lindsay got in trouble in rehab or has some new criminal charges or antics coming to light, and this is a distraction story from her camp. I hope she is finally going to change, but I think we've all heard that one before...

477 days ago


HOW many times have we had to listen to this line of garbage? Sound familiar? Hiding my pasty white ass.

477 days ago


You can't hide from yourself.

477 days ago


How does a person who has consistently denied her addiction issues, relapse?

Could she mean relapse into sobriety?

I'm sure she's petrified of sobriety.

477 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

This doesn't make sense, announce you're going into hiding to the paps?SHEESH!!!

477 days ago


Oh get real Lohan Inc she could walk down the street in LA or NY city right now and no papz would be swarming her ....UNLESS she calls them and tells them were she's at......because nobody cares that's why.....and hundreds or thousands of more famous people whom people actually want to see can walk down the streets without papz every day because THEY don't call them......This is pure Bullshyt from Lohan Inc ...TMZ must have got a new contract with Lohan Inc so you will be getting a story a day from them till it ends usually in 5 or 6 storys.....
She won't like country live or small town life.....Two many prettier girls around ...she wouldn't be queen bee with all her little enablers worshiping at her feet....
But take heart ....I know a perfect place for her to "get away from it all" .....its in a nice small town called Butner, NC and a nice place called Butner Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane.....she'll have some really good neighbors in their a couple of serial killers a mass murdererr and a black widow who suffers from the same sociological narcissistic with mental problems.....So come on down...

477 days ago

Buck Boy    

This is the first time she has ever made sense. Have never been certain what her drug of choice is...or is it the kitchen sink?

Funny, I have lived in and around drug users my entire life and some people can use recreational drugs without addiction and some go straight to abuse. Like drinking a fine wine, if you abuse it, you have to lose it and thus cut out one of the extra fun bits of life.

477 days ago
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