Lindsay Lohan $5 Mil Lawsuit On 'Rehab Hold'

6/28/2013 12:20 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan Rehab Mercy -- $5 Mil Lawsuit On Hold While She Gets Help


Lindsay Lohan
just learned a bad lesson while she tries to get her life back on track in rehab -- addicts get special breaks when they're sued.

As we reported, D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries -- which manufactured clothes for Lindsay's 6126 line back in 2009-2010 -- sued the actress for the massive $5 million sum in May, claiming her "drug-addled image" made the clothes unsellable ... and they lost millions as a result.

But in a twist of irony, Lindsay's "drug-addled image" just bought her more than a month to scramble a legal defense -- because D.N.A.M. has just agreed to a ceasefire while she's in treatment.

According to new court docs, D.N.A.M. won't serve Lindsay 'til she leaves rehab in mid-August "in a gesture of good faith and so as not to disturb her healing process."

FYI, the lawsuit's already been filed ... but the legal process can't begin until Lindsay has been served with the documents.

You'll recall ... Lindsay initially sued D.N.A.M. for $1.1 million, claiming the company licensed the 6126 trademark, but shortchanged her big time on hundreds of thousands of dollars she claims she was promised in exchange.