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Televangelist Benny Hinn

Heckled at Airport

'World's Greatest Scammer'

7/1/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta See This!


Televangelist Benny Hinn is a legendary scam artist who steals sick people's social security checks in the name of bogus faith healing -- at least according to one loudmouthed heckler at LAX, who's damn lucky Hinn's security didn't kick his ass.

60-year-old Hinn was making his way through LAX Friday with 5 bodyguards when the heckler sounded off ... big time ... calling Hinn the "world's greatest scammer" among other things. The man then continues his tirade after Hinn gives him the cold shoulder. Watch the clip.

But despite some death stares from Hinn's security, the man was left unscathed , which is surprising ... because Hinn's previous heckler wasn't so lucky.

One of Hinn's close advisers tells TMZ, Hinn's security had pounced on another heckler just days before in Brazil when the man threatened the master pastor during a sermon.

Hinn's rep says the heckler was "peacefully removed" from Hinn's audience ... but when the man became violent, he had to be "subdued." And you know what that means.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Beatdown.


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Ivan in Phoenix    

Hinn makes Jimmy Swaggert & Jim Bakker look like amateurs. And it looks like he hires bouncers from the local titty bar to be his bodyguards. I'm sure Billy Graham has a bodyguard or two with him when he travels but at least they look like professionals in suits and not like a bunch of roid abusers.

415 days ago


I see an old gray headed queen with 5 young muscle boys walking through the gay gay!

415 days ago


Use the Bible like a strainer when looking for a church or preacher. What they proclaim and do should be based on Gods Word.

Jesus never asked for money.
He asked that we love God with all our heart,
and love one another as ourselves.

415 days ago


Benny Hinn sucks dollars out of old lady poop.

415 days ago


Hey...What's the gay bodyguard with the long blonde hair carrying in the briefcase? I wonder which one is his Scott Thorson?

415 days ago


Hmmm ... TMZ won't let me post a video from youtube, go figure. So if you wanna see what I was gonna post go to youtube and look for "Benny Hinn Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" ... it's a mashup of a Godsmack song by that title with video footage of Benny doing his 'thing.'

Pretty good mix too ... I gotta say.

415 days ago


priceless. Ab so f*** kingly priceless. TMZ please save this it's worth it. that guy was absolutely not acting at all and this is so priceless it is beautiful. by the way Newport Coast is a really really really expensive place to live.

415 days ago


I don't feel sorry for the people that give to him unless the're mentally challenged

415 days ago


It's about time people finnaly see this man for what he is. A SCAM artist! They should also focus on the scam artist and his wife, Joel, whatever his name is. The one who "prayed" for the Wolenda guy! He's at the top of the list for a scam artist. A preacher with all those houses and cars and planes. OMG!!! I don't know of any minister with that. The usually have very little.

415 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

damn. wished he had the guts to have spit on that bitch. i wished I! had the guts to spit on that bitch.

414 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'd spit on his bodyguards, too...... right in their ugly little stupid faces. xD

414 days ago

Shah Boogey    

Religion is a scam...

414 days ago


What was the outcome of the Government investigation of Hinn? Did the man beat up by the bodyguards sue and win? I believe only GOD knows the heart of man/woman. If he is a scammer he will pay if not those who falsely accused him will pay.

414 days ago


haha this guys hilarious. i love how he just says it right in front of his face. Youd think these tv evangelists con artists would be clamped down on but it seems they have a license to rob gullible idiots...and religion sure does attract gullible idiots!

414 days ago


why would a man of god need five bodyguards?

413 days ago
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