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Wade Robson

Michael Jackson Had

A Child Sex Alarm

7/1/2013 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
went to great lengths to avoid being caught sexually abusing children ... even installing an alarm to warn him whenever someone was approaching his bedroom -- so claims Wade Robson in his latest complaint against the singer's estate.

Robson just filed an amended complaint, claiming the alarm would go off whenever someone came within 30 feet of Jackson's room. Robson claims Jackson also hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his bedroom door.

As we reported, Robson has filed a claim against the MJ estate demanding damages. Robson claims Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years as a child, beginning in 1990.

The details of the abuse are redacted in the complaint, but  the allegations are pretty clear -- Robson claims he and MJ frequently shared a bed, Jackson often showed him porn, he told Robson they loved each other but no one would understand and he needed to keep his mouth shut.

Interesting side note -- the lawsuit mentions the Jordan Chandler case in 1993, when Robson was called to testify before the Grand Jury.  Robson -- then 11 -- refused to testify and the Judge -- Lance Ito of OJ Simpson fame charged the boy with contempt.  A deal was struck and Robson testified in a private session -- not before the full Grand Jury.



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Timing people, funny he stopped making comments for a while and then all of a sudden more stories came out about Michael and then boom more stories from Wade, go figure

445 days ago


lol, Wade is such a liar and I'll be glad when the truth comes out. Poor MJ, people are still looking for an easy pay.

445 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

If this is true, Rob waited to long to tell. Im not saying i believe it because Im a MJ fan! That said, abuse of kids, Im not a fan of being abused myself as a kid(physical,NOT SEXUAL)! I wish he had the heart to say this during the trial because if its true how many innocent kids suffered from abuse after. I have compassion though if its true and know the fear of telling you were abused, let alone sexually by MJ, another male! WOW, its hard admitting that alone! Hopefully the truth will come out! If MJ is guilty i wont be happy being I admire his music and some serious soul searching will need to be done by me regarding my support since childhood for MJ's music! Hope the best for Rob if its true because its a hard case to prove when under oath you said he NEVER touched u, may be to late even if Rob is being truthful!LGNM

445 days ago


he must of liked it to keep going back ror 7 years!

445 days ago


Micheal was another Sandusky .

445 days ago



445 days ago

Double Bubble    

I cant even believe this guy is allowed to file any type of complaints like this still. The story is absurd. Amazing how his memory of the abuse came back after MJ's death when he thinks there is a chance to get money out of it. There would have been no big pay day while MJ was alive and could have fought the accusation... He needs to go back to therapy so they can help him with his wild imagination..

445 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

Did anyone else notice in the Martin Bahir interview, when MJ is asked about kids sleeping in his room, MJ looks absolutely FRIGHTENED? This is when the kid is speaking for him. Watch MJ's eyes.

445 days ago


So what if you were molested by MJ! You were already paid for your services. You can't cash in twice.

The second you decided to lie on the stand back then (which as a result caused other kids to be molested later on) you became a child prostitute.

445 days ago


Stop already, Wade.

445 days ago


Wade may be a liar, but that 's the type of immoral people MJ desired to be in his life
They were not real friends & the Jackson family didn't care because they protected any boy in his home everytime the press asked them "Why do you trust these boys?"
Katherine needed to take MJ's money to pay her deadbeat sons Jermaine & Randy, so of course, she did nothing when MJ was drugging up & letting boys loose in Neverland to harrass MJ or look for pornography in MJ's bedroom. Katherine brainwashed MJ to believe that kids were all sane & innocent.

If he was so scared of people invading his privacy or killling him, why did he hire doctors to inject him with horrible Demerol & deadly Propofol?
Why did the Jacksons repeatedly tell him to keep bringing any boy in his bedroom and NEVER TOLD HIM TO GET CRIME BACKGROUND CHECKS of the
Chandler & Arvizo-type of sycophants?
If he wanted to do a film project with a boy, why didn't he just go to a regular audition for movie makers?
Why did he keep hanging around with Jordan Chandler & giving gifts to his parents without knowing who THEY ARE?
Wade may be one of those children of greedy stage parents who only hung around MJ because he was an entertainer, but Jordan Chandler was an abused boy and MJ refused to get him help from the child protective services. Why would MJ not help him after a year of Evan Chandler's abuse & harrassment?
MJ was a liar who wanted to live with little boys everywhere, even when the Arvizo boys broke into his WINE CELLAR. He admitted he would "SLIT" his wrist if children (little boys) weren't around him.
He clearly was using drugs like Demerol too because he was unaware or confused during 2001-2002, when the Arvizo boys harrassed Neverland staff and broke into the wine cellar.
He had the horrendous plastic surgery and didn't even recognize what he did to his face! He also told the fraud magician Uri Gellar that he realistically planned to fly to the moon to dance.
Then, he ranted about how he he made Neverland because he was terribly abused by Joe Jackson & he saw nothing wrong with trusting & loving boys he barely knew in his bed. He held the 3 kids above the hotel railing & denied that it was dangerous.
He was obviously using too much medications & needed drug rehab.

Why would he demand Lisa Marie to have Elvis' grandchildren when he KNEW Elvis was a pedophile and that Lisa Marie had sex with a 24 year old man when she was 14 years old.

If Elvis had the same 14 year old Priscilla in his bedroom and wasn't famous and was just a struggling singer, MJ would've never came up to Lisa Marie and told the media that he wanted children with Lisa Marie.

445 days ago

Miley Cyprus    

What was I thinking? Forget everything I've been saying up 'til now. Because - THE MOONWALK! COME ON, PEOPLE!

What kind of pedophile does THE MOONWALK!? In WHITE SPARKLY SOCKS!!!!??? Check out that CHARISMA!!!! That PROVES he's innocent!!!!!!

lol, MJ supporters are funny! come on, keep us laughing!

445 days ago


No one seems to believe this man.I think he is ruining any chance of collecting his *pay off*:)

445 days ago


Who else would throw gifts at MJ and want money from him? Fanatics who came to his bedroom & believed sick kids should have candy & cookies with their hero.

Certainly not everyday intelligent logical people who knew MJ was mentally ill.
How would they normal intelligent kids feel if their single dad hired criminal doctotrs, injected Propofol & died?

The more money Neverland made as a business, the easier it was to be arrogant.
Joe & Katherine & Jermaine kept saying nothing was wrong with these poor "innocent boys".
They're the same people who accepted Joe's abusive
behavior & had no clue that Paris was cutting herself for several months.
Now, Katherine wants $40 billion and manipulated Prince to testify that MJ did nothing wrong.
No surprise. Katherine rode in the van with MJ during the 2004 trial and no idea that he was heavily medicated & hospitalized because she didn't even give him drinks & food. It's ironic that his obsession with light-skinned boys was exposed before Joe Jackson gave him a helping hand after MJ abused himself & got injured & went to the courthouse with pajamas. It was so preventable if the Jackson idiots had stopped MJ from letting any boy in his home without crime background checks.

Katherine knew MJ never cared what drug was deadly.
In court, Prince claimed that he thought MJ "injected vitamins every night" and was never unhealthy & fragile despite getting drowsy from injecting Demerol at Klein's dermatology office & losing muscle weight in his face & limbs.
We're talking about life & death & protecting the well-being of the kids. We're not talking about a perfect MJ legacy.
Who cares if fanatics vote HATE. There bitter HAT just proves how much MJ kids are worth to them.
Even Paris' suicidal thoughts mean nothing to them.

445 days ago


EXACTLY! Pervert freak! Glad he's dead - gay liberal media likes to persecute priests but if a POP star rapes kids it's okay, because he was an artist! Get the Phk out of here!

445 days ago
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