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Wade Robson

Michael Jackson Had

A Child Sex Alarm

7/1/2013 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
went to great lengths to avoid being caught sexually abusing children ... even installing an alarm to warn him whenever someone was approaching his bedroom -- so claims Wade Robson in his latest complaint against the singer's estate.

Robson just filed an amended complaint, claiming the alarm would go off whenever someone came within 30 feet of Jackson's room. Robson claims Jackson also hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his bedroom door.

As we reported, Robson has filed a claim against the MJ estate demanding damages. Robson claims Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years as a child, beginning in 1990.

The details of the abuse are redacted in the complaint, but  the allegations are pretty clear -- Robson claims he and MJ frequently shared a bed, Jackson often showed him porn, he told Robson they loved each other but no one would understand and he needed to keep his mouth shut.

Interesting side note -- the lawsuit mentions the Jordan Chandler case in 1993, when Robson was called to testify before the Grand Jury.  Robson -- then 11 -- refused to testify and the Judge -- Lance Ito of OJ Simpson fame charged the boy with contempt.  A deal was struck and Robson testified in a private session -- not before the full Grand Jury.



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I don't know how much money MJ had spent on his nose, certainly was not a nice looking one.

Same thing with his clothes and make up and style. He certainly did himself a big disservices by dressing up like a tacky old white woman 24/7...........yuk!!!

If I had his money, I would certainly burnt all those clothes, and start fresh!!!!

442 days ago


Wade lifted this directly from the Mirror story and from the LeMarques, though its a wonder he didn't remember that detail from the Arvizo case to include in his original complaint. Michael Jackson did have an alarm system across his premises, as it was revealed in court people would regularly trespass including one who had a gun and was found in his house!

And evidently, if the security was in place when MJ "molested" Wade, he didn't use it very effectively since Wade's sister and mom were regularly in the same room as MJ when the abuse occurred. Man is the media idiotic and desperate.

442 days ago


OMG! MJ was the most famous man on this Earth. Several ppl trespassed his property. Of course he had a security alarm installed.

442 days ago


The alarm proved MJ's innocence. If people understood the Arvizo allegations they'd know why. Star claims to be the only witness to MJ molesting Gavin, he originally forgot to include the alarm in his claim, then later claimed that the alarm didn't ring inside MJ's room, which was proven to be false.

MJ's bedroom was on the first floor, someone with a gun had once broken into NL, at another time Billie Jean Jackson (notorious stalker) was found on his property and she was in possession of the master key for all the locks.

Star claimed it wasn't audible inside the bedroom as he had failed to mention it originally and failed to note why MJ would not have reacted if he'd known someone was interrupting him, that's why it helped prove MJ's innocence.

This is the test on his alarm bells.

442 days ago


The alarm actually helped to discredit the Arvizo's case in 2005 so good luck Wade to include that in your claim :D

Michaels bedroom was probably the ONLY private sphere he had at the ranch. The ranch had an open-door policy with both kids and adults running around and god forbid that MJ, the most famous person in the world, had a bell in the only private place on Neverland, his bedroom. About the bedroom alarms. Some of you pendejas need to google the history of the lunatic that claimed she was the real Billie Jean Jackson and how many times she made it into Michael's homes and properties and then you ****ing tell me these alarms wouldn't be part of your security!

That alarm bell also refuted accusations by the accusers. Filmmaker Larry Nimmer did a demonstration in trial to show that the alarm helped VINDICATE MJ because if he was truly molesting the accuser, then he would have heard the brother approaching the room. (Remember, the brother claimed to have secretely entered the room and witness the molestation). Wade now claims his mother and sister were/entered the room while he was being abused.

Larry Nimmer put his camera over Michael’s bed and then had a cleaning lady walk in downstairs and walk up the steps, and he let the jurors hear what the alarm sounds like when it is tripped. That was another thing that he testified about, doing the alarm test to show that Michael would have always known if someone was coming, ie end the abuse.

442 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, right. you know robson probably got punked by a 'posing as a pedophile'. and now he's looking for a payback paycheck. because he probably was an eager lil beaver when he was a boy. and got exposed. fruitcacke. was probably hopping from one man's bed to the other for a 'career'.

442 days ago

Scott Levy    

He's not the first one to talk about Wacko Jacko's alarm. I completely believe him. Jacko was a sick perverted piece of garbage.

442 days ago


He begged to have Propofol & Demerol injections, got unnutritional candy for sick cancer strickened kids in Neverland but we're expected to believe he cared about protecting his family from criminals?

This is an outrageous suggestion, but if
MJ was so intelligent & understanding to kids, as he claimed, why didn't he have a hospital with real doctors & operating rooms in his house, instead of having an unhealthy theatre room full of dying cancer sufferers with IVs in their arms?
Was he capable of taking care of kids when he pretended that "GOD" told him that all kids were sane & trustworthy and that he was getting "REAL SLEEP" when he hired only disturbed criminal doctors?
His fanatics acted like Gavin Arvizo was innocent in 1999, but somehow suddenly became a crook like his mother in 2003.
They don't realize that other kids were reading pornography at Neverland & no one knew about it because they & their parents were too in love with MJ and they weren't greedy for money & didn't want media ridicule when they were wrong.

In a 2007 video interview, MJ said he may have been "medicated & not mentally alert" in 2002.
If he had no idea whether he was alert or not, how did he know that he didn't neglect kids, including HIS OWN KIDS?
The only doctor he had in his home was a doctor who injected illegal Propofol, etc. in his room.
There wasn't a doctor who did normal things like give him vitamins & brought him to the hospital when MJ was abusing himself with painkiller overdoses & Propofol.

Katherine wants $40 billion for MJ's death, after he had many Demerol & Propofol injections from a doctor since the 1990s. MJ was videotaped after he took his kids to Arnold Klein's Demerol injection center. Jason had to hold him up because he was so sleep-deprived, weak & sick.

442 days ago


Wade is too dumb to realize that by going after a dead man who can't defend himself, he is just alienating the rest of the industry sachems from ever wanting to hire him. He is becoming a liability. It is too late for him to salvage his crumbling reputation but he should still cut his losses. Admit he was brainwashed or seduced by the chance of revitalizing his career by grooming for sympathy. Maybe we'll forgive him.

BTW, statistics say that everyone who was abused as a child will become abusers themselves. Maybe the state should take his children away just in case.

442 days ago


This is not an amendment to Robson's case. The complaint served on the Estate on May 1st notes the alarms and "Do Not Disturb" sign (point 11 in the list of claims). All that is new is that a redacted version of the May 1st claim was refiled on June 27th pursuant to the judge's order as to which portions were to be unsealed.

442 days ago

Cincinnati Sugar    

I think ALL the people that keep saying mj is a pedo and keep mentioning it are REALLY the ones that are pedo, its constantly on their minds, they thrive off of talking about it as if its really THEIR fantasy, you need serious help, you are all disgusting monsters.

442 days ago


A serial pedophile, and true s***. He's burning for all eternity for his disgusting crimes against children.

442 days ago


I think mj did more emotional damage to the kids he hung out with. I'm not convinced it was sexual but I am convinced he probably messed up quite a few young boys. With regards to the alarm. I think I would also have one if I was a superstar. No one wants tobe the next Sharon Tate and lets be honest he had crazy fans and Sychophants galore.. And then he also had crazy nannies crawling into bed with him. I don't think it's that weird.

442 days ago

ali go to school    

Now that the FBI files reveal wacko was the worst child molester on the planet and his sicko fans are death threat making flunatics..Wade wins. Everyone knows wacko had that secret room with an alarm. It's not new news. The rabids are desperate in their flunatic denials I see. Suck it welfare rats, more victims coming out.

442 days ago


for a insomniac, a "do not disturb" should be pretty usefull

442 days ago
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