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Tan Mom


Following Seizure

7/6/2013 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_patricia_krentcil_tan_mom_article_tmzTan Mom was hospitalized this morning after suffering a seizure inside rehab, TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... Patricia Krentcil started seizing earlier this morning. Rehab techs from The Lukens Institute -- where she's in rehab for alcoholism -- found her and rushed her to a Palm Beach hospital.

We're told the techs were able to stabilize her on the way to the ER.

Our sources say she is currently resting and we're told she will stay in the hospital for a few days so doctors can monitor her condition.

TMZ broke the story ... Tan Mom entered rehab on June 20 for 30 days of treatment.


No Avatar


I do kind of feel bad for her. She wasn't too bright and got thrust into the national spotlight and just melted under it...

473 days ago


I hope her husband sues Lukens and Michael Lohan if anything happens to her. Lukens is positively the WRONG facility to treat her alcoholism.

Michael signed her up for a publicity stunt, and now it looks like it's gonna backfire right in his ugly, godforsaken face.

473 days ago


Die Tan Mom, just die already.

473 days ago

Sir Boo    

Next TMZ will be reporting on her bowel movements.

473 days ago


Why the **** do you report on this nobody? She tried to tan her child like a fool, and TMZ is trying to make her a star. Could care less if she has a seizure, dies, or lives the most fruitful live ever. She is NO ONE. (and not to mention this woman is as ugly as it gets, nothing sexy about leather skin)

473 days ago


This is "Celebrity News" isn't it...why are we hearing about this nobody?

473 days ago

tmz addict    

as easily solved as CONFISCATING her tanning passes...... nobody knows if her tanning has anything to do with her seizure.... Loser

473 days ago


That happens to severe alcoholics sometimes when
they try to stop drinking

473 days ago


She got clocked in the head once by some guy in a bar. It explains a lot

473 days ago


Why don't whites like their white, pasty skin? I almost got rear-ended by a chick racing into the "browning" salon.

473 days ago


I hope this tarnishes Lukens reputation, if they have one. What the hell are you people doing reporting to gossip sites about her medical condition. That's not for anyone's knowledge but the Rehab facility and the doctors. Has no one explained to Bloathan that this isn't his daughter and selling info like this to tabloids about a woman going through withdrawls and a play by play is bad business? I'm sure the next REAL CELEBRITY that needs rehab will steer clear of this "INSTITUTION" so that their private life isn't sold to TMZ or any other internet site. I'm thinking that's some large dollars going out the door. Maybe we'll get lucky and Gloria ALLDEAD will contact Patricia and they'll bring a lawsuit against Lukens for disclosure of private medical info. This is probably the only time EVAH!!! I want to see Gloria fight the good fight.

473 days ago


She looks like she's 64 not 44

473 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

She must really be a full blown alcoholic if she's having seizures from the detox.

473 days ago


She's been frying her brain in the tanning booths and pickling it in alcohol for so long that this should be no surprise to anyone.

473 days ago


Yikes! From that picture...ol' Tan Mom looks like she's startin' to molt.

473 days ago
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