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Witness Says Hernandez

ADMITTED Shooting Lloyd

7/9/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0626-aaron-hernandez-tmzEx-New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez CONFESSED that he fired the shots that killed Odin Lloyd ... this according to a police document that cites a witness ... who cites another witness.

OK, so it's a confession that's 3 degrees removed from Aaron Hernandez ... but cops in Miramar, Florida believed the tip was good enough to bring to a judge in an effort to get a search warrant connected with the investigation.

First, some background -- prosecutors in the murder case believe Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace were with Hernandez when Lloyd was murdered.  Both Ortiz and Wallace are currently in custody.

Now, according to documents filed by the Miramar Police Dept., Ortiz told investigators ... that Wallace, told him ... that Hernandez told him that he shot Lloyd.

You follow that?

It's double hearsay, to say the least ... but with life sentences on the line, it might not be the last time these guys (allegedly) point the finger at each other.

For his part, Hernandez insists he's not guilty.


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BB not bb    

Here is another thing. Why is he suddenly being accused of being a serial killer. They are blaming him for a double homicide drive by, killing his future brother in law, shooting a man up the arm so that the bullet came out his eye and blinded him (????), and for every little arrest and banning from a bar? They are trying to make him appear to be something that no one thought he was.

When you hear so many weird stories all of a sudden, it makes you suspicious. Why are they trying so hard to make him look bad. One murder is enough to do him in if it is real.

I have my doubts about the whole thing. They don't want kids to even wear his jersey, like he is the antichrist or something. Don't people worship gangsters? Look at all of the fervor over Gandolfini's funeral, and he was just an actor.

What did this guy do to suddenly be so marginalized?

472 days ago

BB not bb    

Let me put it this way also. If he was propostioned by the Illuminati and refused to play along, then he should spill the beans on them. He has nothing to lose at this point because if he is found guilty, he will get the death penalty or life in prison.

If he tells on them, he can go down a real hero and not just some football star. Maybe even the truth will set him free.

This story is just too crazy for me. I think something else is going on that is pretty major. He is not saying anthing as to his defense. Maybe it is just all too much to even consider someone believing.

A lot of people do know what is going on behind the scenes though. The people who set him up are not his friends, if that is what is going on.

472 days ago


s*** bag

472 days ago


This story makes less and less sense every day! They were there, why would Aaron "admit" it? He wouldn't have to "admit" shooting him because they would have seen it! I never believed that Aaron shot him, all of their "evidence" is inferences, assumptions and hearsay. And now all this other sh*t they're trying to pin on him...like the guy he supposedly "shot in the face". He didn't know who shot him prior to Aaron's arrest? And now all of a sudden he's a suspect in a homicide cold case, really? I think the whole thing is ridiculous and the other two guys who were with Aaron are obviously going to point their fingers at Aaron because they know he's a suspect and they're trying to save their own a$$es. Why would they have to "escape" if they didn't shoot him? I could go on and on about the ridiculousness, I just truly hope he doesn't go down for something he didn't do.

471 days ago


Ok ok ok.. bad idea to start forming opinions now before trial but the story goes they got out to take a leak so they probably wouldn't be watching each other hence a reason for saying what happen... as far as Aaron not defending himself he's not on any real trial yet and is innocent til proven otherwise... always remember you don't know these people you watch on TV or read about you don't know nadda...

449 days ago


What happened to "innocent until proven guilty" in America?????

448 days ago
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