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Angelina Jolie

My Post-Mastectomy Breasts


7/9/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_angelina_jolie_akmgsiTwo-and-a-half months after undergoing a double mastectomy, Angelina Jolie was back to wearing sexy low-plunging shirts during a film scouting trip to Hawaii ... and she looked great!!

Of course, Jolie had her breasts removed earlier this year in order to minimize her risk of breast cancer. ... after doctors estimated her risk of breast cancer was at 87 percent.

After the double mastectomy, Jolie underwent another round of procedures, which her doctor described as "reconstruction of the breasts with implant."

Nice work, doc.


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There is no way that she would have had a mastectomy and then reconstructive surgery and heal this fast. She would also have visible scars along the sides of the breasts, which are not evident here. I would not be surprised if this was all bullsh*t and not even true and she just had her boobs worked on. Being a nurse, I know there is no way in hell that she would have recovered this fast and also, her boobs would not be droppy as her's are right now in this pic.

408 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Keep going Angie... make yourself as f'n ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.

408 days ago


This is a boob and snow job at the same time. PuhLeez.

408 days ago


She is such a crass human being, with true hatred for other women. She has stolen many a man, without looking back, or having a seconds remorse for the people she's hurt!

408 days ago


She still looks malnourished. Somebody gets her a sandwich!

408 days ago


Ah, we Fd up on a couple a decimal points, sorry.

408 days ago

Richard Head    

Is Ric Flair doing security now?

408 days ago

BB not bb    

Breasts are supposed to be jiggly and floppy, not like giant chair bumpers. I am sure it is just so much healthier to have silicone bags sewn into your body than to have your own body there. The logic here really escapes me.

I guess people will do whatever doctors advise like they are gods of wisdom. They are really worshippers of money and this procedure costs a lot.

When people see real breasts they think they are gross now. If your breasts look like a built in bra, all is good. This is how morals are judged in this society.

408 days ago


This rich sick ugly bitch should consider a brain amputation in advance before she runs completely nuts

408 days ago


Aww, yeah, let's all throw a pity party. She had her old breast tissue removed and some new, perkier breasts installed. She never had cancer, she prevented it and got a boob upgrade. She's not brave, she has good surgeons and a nice sob story. Tell me she is brave when she has her breasts removed and doesn't get an upgrade. FFS.

408 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

She looks healthier. She's still tiny, but it appears she's gained a little weight. Maybe her implant size is just more proportionate to her body- I don't know. But she does look healthier.

408 days ago


I think it's all bull****,she never had the surgery just wanted people to feel sorry for her cause her career is over,all bull****,

408 days ago


This is the worst story I've seen on TMZ...and they've scraped the bottom a number of times! Have some respect for women for once! Geez!

408 days ago


So let's get this straight.
She had a test done that cost wise is out of reach for most Americans.
She then had a preventative procedure that cost wise is out of reach to most American women. These costs are still high even with insurance.

Did Angelina with her star power petition government to have the costs lowered to reach every American woman facing the challenge?
Did she start a charity to help women in this position?

Obviously I am in the majority of people that don't think she is a hero.
She is a hero for what? Having a procedure she can afford.

408 days ago


Somebody give her a cheeseburger!

408 days ago
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