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UFC Champ Chris Weidman


I Destroyed Anderson Silva In His Prime!!!

7/11/2013 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Newly-crowned UFC champ Chris Weidman says he's unstoppable -- telling TMZ, he destroyed UFC's reigning middleweight king Anderson Silva when no one else could ... and he's ready to do it again in a few months.

There's a lot of speculation that Silva succumbed to Weidman over the weekend because he's getting old and has lost his edge -- but Weidman's not buying it, telling us Silva was as strong as ever in the Octagon ... he just wasn't strong enough.

Sounds like fighting words to us ... which is good because Weidman and Silva are already set to rematch very soon.

We also ask Weidman if he believes Silva should be remembered as one of the greatest ever ... and he has an interesting answer. Check the video.

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I can't wait for the rematch! It was an awesome fight. Silva acted a fool and got knocked the f out. It made it even funnier... but it'll be interesting to see if Weidman can do it when Silva takes it seriously... because you KNOW Silva will straighten up next time. hahaha. Even that will be amusing. I hope Weidman knocks him out again.

470 days ago


Fight was thrown by Silva,he was bored and knew if he lost the rematch would bring more money,most UFC fights are fixed now a days,why? Cuz the sport bets are off the charts,whoever bet on this fight made a fortune and anderson made it too.

470 days ago


TMZ the ,"Thirty Mile Zone" celebrities when did you become a sports channel. FYI the TMZ Thirty Mile Zone was so the studios did not have to pay a decent wage to the workers.
TMZ staff see how you never get a byline (your name) on the article/post that way Harvey gets all the credit, wake up get a real job.
Yes Charles and Harvey make a lot of money at the loss of their integrity, yes!

470 days ago


Chris Weidman is the new Buster Douglas. Dude isn't going to win another major fight. Silva lost because he was being an idiot and deserved to be KO'd for being ****y. Weidman now deserves to be KO'd for the same reason. Bye Bye Weidman, you are a one fight wonder.

470 days ago


I'm so proud american beat his azz. The United States caught up to the the Brazilians. Know they will dominate the fighting scene

470 days ago


404, fight not found. You were given the belt.

470 days ago


Keep telling people that a 38 year old fighter who had been contemplating retirement is in his prime and eventually someone will believe you.

470 days ago


He punched a 38-year old fighter with his arms down (and begging to be punched) in the face.

470 days ago


Chris... you didn't Win....
Silva Lost that fight himself.
If Anderson wouldn't have been so casual, he would have knocked you out in that 2nd round. You were tired and unsure.
'HE' lost that fight, you did NOT win it.
He's gonna clean your lucky clock in a rematch.
Say Goodnight Gracoe!
Chris... How does it feel to NOT have won but Anderson winning it for you?
You are NO Champ.

470 days ago


Silva lost cause he was a ****y idiot during the fight plain and simple, not because he's old and slow. Next time they meet Silva will beat the crap outta him...as long as he doesn't act like a ****y idiot again.

470 days ago


There is not going to be a rematch Silva said his self that he has no interest in a rematch. I truly believe Dana White paid him to throw the fight, he was too good and Dana was tired of him making every one else look like fools. The man doesnt even speak English and he has a speech prepared in English to announce that he had 10 more fights then was done , you don't find it a bit odd that he suddenly can speak English when any other time he needed a translator ? And that he has no intrest in a rematch and already knows how many more fights he is going to do ? He got a big payday he is going to fight and few no name people and the disappear . However this kid will probably lose the belt in his next fight . Did Anderson get knocked out ? Yes! But he wanted to ,Anderson Sivla if he were trying would have never got hit like that look at past history !!!

470 days ago


Chris, in 49 out of 50 states you would've been charged with "elder abuse" for hitting a defenseless old man.

470 days ago


he was the first person to actually catch Anderson clowning them, was bound to happen. Good luck in the rematch with a newly pissed off & driven Anderson.

470 days ago

Ozzie X    


470 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yah, tough guy. why don't you go slap yer grandma across the room because she's a btich? can't stand all these wrestler dudes bragging about some staged fights. and then most of them go home to beat on some small bimbo "girlfriend" --(since we know which way they swing,,,) to make themselves feel like a tough guy. losers, all of them.

470 days ago
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