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George ZImmerman


7/14/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

George Zimmerman
 has just been found NOT GUILTY.

A jury of six women returned the verdict moments ago in a Florida courtroom, acquitting Zimmerman of 2nd degree murder, as well as the lesser charge of manslaughter, in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. If he had been convicted, Zimmerman faced up to life in prison.

The not guilty verdict means the jury found Zimmerman acted in self-defense -- in other words, he justifiably used deadly force and reasonably believed that such force was necessary to prevent either his own death or great bodily harm to himself.

Zimmerman was charged after shooting and killing Martin in a Florida suburb in 2012.

Zimmerman -- a community watchman -- claimed he shot Trayvon in self-defense after Trayvon attacked him. Trayvon was unarmed at the time.

A firestorm of media attention has surrounded the case from the beginning -- with many celebs like Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr and LeBron James claiming the shooting was racially motivated.

The jury has spoken, but we still gotta ask ...


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Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr and LeBron James, e.g race baiters. Can we get a forensic accountant to explain the dynamics of how these people make money from these opinions in the media? Let's check with "Tell it like it ani't" Al Sharpton, that is until he became mainstream for the dollars.

363 days ago


Florida has morons for jurors!!! Casey Anthony NOT guilty. amd now this pig Zimmerman walks free- not even a manslaughter charge. Guess the kid killed himself. The law for stand your ground/self defense- was not meant for people who own a gun and use it to stalk and antagonize others, especially after the police told the fool to back off!!! Florida people must have the I.Q of an ant.

363 days ago

Spunky Funk    

Just looking at his pic - George Zimmerman is not Caucasian.

363 days ago


Free to go to profile and shoot more young black teens. You should be worried if your kids don't have a white complexion.

363 days ago


There are now 3 Places in the world to get away with Murder. Aruba, Florida and any Cruise Ship.

363 days ago


That jury just declared open season on black kids. I hope they rot in hell.

363 days ago


TMZ, Dont you mean he was charged after the race baiters demanded it?

363 days ago


Yesss Yesss Yesssss

Now we b able to riot,I's B wanting me a new TV
I's hope we dowsn't burn Da liquor store down befo I's get my share,

Ohh thank Da loard now ew be gitten some free sh!t I's better be getting I's dont want to mass out.

363 days ago


Dead man walking!!!

363 days ago


The verdict is the correct legal one; morally, had this individual not played neighborhood cop, a young man would not be dead.

363 days ago


It's about time a Florida jury got it right. How else could they vote when they knew that the officers who investigated the case said GM should not have been charged or arrested?

It won't be long before TM's family or other minorities say the verdict was not just because there were no blacks on the jury.

363 days ago


Correct verdict! The unfortunate story here? The black community is tainting its own race.And am sure that if Trayvon was white and the cir***stances were the same? The events would have unfolded as it did here. There was justifiable 2 victiims. One fearing for safety. The other? Wrong time wrong place.

363 days ago


NO FK'N JUSTICE IN AMERICA! That's all I have to say beside I hope George Zimmerman get street justice since the our lousy judicial system can't serve it. UGH another murder goes free.

363 days ago


Clearly they did not have enough probable cause to find him guilty of second degree but he should of been guilty of manslaughter.

I guess there just wasn't enough evidence

363 days ago


NO FK'N JUSTICE IN AMERICA! That's all I have to say beside I hope George Zimmerman get street justice since the our lousy judicial system can't serve it. UGH another murderer goes free.

363 days ago
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