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Boycotting Rolling Stone

Over Boston Bomber Cover

7/17/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The Boston supermarket chain Roche Bros. is also boycotting the magazine -- a rep tells TMZ, "When Roche Bros. learned of the cover for the current issue of Rolling Stone, we chose not to offer that product for sale in our stores. We join with our customers and neighbors in focusing on the recovery of the victims and our community."

Walgreens and Stop & Shop have also boycotted the magazine.

apparently believes the First Amendment has limits ... because the pharmacy chain just announced it won't hawk the latest issue of Rolling Stone, featuring Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover.

A rep for CVS says "As a company with deep roots in New England and a strong presence in Boston, we believe this is the right decision out of respect for the victims of the attack and their loved ones."

It's kind of a bizarre reaction, since the story is about how Tsarnaev "fell into radical Islam and became a monster."

So we gotta ask ...


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It's not a bizarre reaction. As someone who's family member was hurt by the blast, i for one, do not want to see this jerkoffs face. It's one thing to write the article but it's completely different to make this your cover. This is a true expression of democracy, they don't like the message there for they are not selling the magazine, they are not asking that the magazine go out of business, aren't asking that they change the cover or remove the article, they are merely voicing their choice not to sell it.

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463 days ago


Huh? How is this a bizarre response? The magazine makes a murdering terrorist look like a rock star. It's not about limiting 1st Amendment rights (which does have its limits, by the way). Say what you want, but no one--stores included--need to support offensive statements in the course of running their business. Whomever wrote this TMZ article is clearly not a Bostonian! We take care of our community here. Boston strong, baby. Boston strong!

463 days ago


I'm from Boston and a proud US citizen. How absolutely disrespectful to our community and to our country to put this low life s*** terrorist on the cover, whom btw I'm sure enjoyed all the privileges of living in the united states until he decided to wreak havoc and mayhem on his community, The RS couldn't choose one of the 3 dead or the 264 others injured or one of the countless selfless heroes that day. Disgraceful Rolling Stone. I hope this is the end to your publication. Celebrities take notice. You want to be associated with this? It ain't what it used to be !

463 days ago


It isn't the fact the article is about how he became a "monster" it is the fact he is on the cover of the Rolling Stone looking like a rock star. That is totally wrong! Go CVS!

463 days ago


Some people would kill (figuratively speaking) to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Who knew it could be literal??! Boycott Rolling Stone magazine!!!

463 days ago


Disgusting.. Get it off the shelf..

463 days ago


Some people would kill (figuratively
speaking) to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Who knew it could be literal??! Boycott Rolling Stone magazine!!!

463 days ago


The 1st Amendment protects us from being arrested. Why can't people in the media ever get that right? CVS is a private company that's chosen not to sell an issue of a magazine (or the magazine hereafter).

This is their right, just as it's your right to boycott CVS, or stand on public property in front of CVS store to protest the decision.

The quetionable thing is it appears the magazine may be taking a sympathetic angle on the bombing suspect -- and that will be very unpopular.

463 days ago


Rolling stone should leave national and political news to the other news outlets and focus on what they do best and that is music. Besides this guy is not worthy of the cover.

463 days ago


'CVS apparently believes the First Amendment has limits...'

Whether you agree or disagree with the decision, CVS is not tacitly expressing a belief that the 'First Amendment has limits' through its actions. Had the U.S. government pressured CVS to boycott the magazine, or censored the cover or article content directly then, yes, this would be a constitutional issue.

One can credibly argue, in fact, that CVS is exercising the First Amendment, as both boycotts and buycotts are constitutionally-protected forms of expression.

You should not invoke a First Amendment argument if you do not understand it.

463 days ago


Cvs should also boycott selling cigarrettes since they kill way more then the terrorist did daily. Just a suggestion.

But I do agree this is a bad decesion on rolling stones side.

463 days ago


I agree that the cover is disrespectful. Rolling Stone uses a picture that looks like he's a model or celebrity, not a terrorist. Let's not glamorize a cold-blooded killer. However, I laugh about the fact that CVS is taking a stand on this, but they don't mind subjecting children and families to the disgustingly inappropriate magazine covers like Cosmo with articles about having better sex, orgasms, etc. I'm in CVS all the time, and I constantly get stressed and annoyed about that when it's staring my kids in the face every time I 'm standing at the checkout counter. I guess CVS doesn't find that disrespectful in any way. I suppose it's more politically correct to take a stand on this particular magazine cover.

463 days ago


Freedom of speech protects you from government censorship not private censorship u dumbasses TMZ

463 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i don't get it. are they trying to make a connection between modern rock music and terrorism? heroine and terrorism? that is really the only connecting the dots i can come up with, that the entire heroine fueled music and sex drugs and rock and roll industry has something to do with 'islamic terrorism'. i mean this is surely very well thought through to place this guy on the cover of a rock magazine.

463 days ago
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