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Zimmerman's Lawyers

Money Is No Object

... Anymore!

7/17/2013 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They asked the public for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for George Zimmerman's defense ... but now that the case is over, GZ's lawyers are living the high life-- eating at one of NYC's most expensive restaurants.

TMZ cameras rolled as Mark O'Mara, Don West and the rest of the team left the famous Nello restaurant in NYC earlier today ... where the lobster bisque will run you a cool $43.

Sources tell TMZ the gang was seen drinking champagne inside the restaurant ... and when it comes to the bubbly at Nello -- even the cheap stuff is expensive.

In fact, Nello is where ultra-rich stars like Jay-Z and Alex Rodriguez are often seen chowing down.

On the way out, the lawyers told us they still believe the jury in the Trayvon Martin case made the right decision -- "[Zimmerman] was not guilty from day one."

They also said the food at Nello's was excellent.


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The media is destroying this country one story at a time... Everything reported now is for shock and money.. Look at the Trayvon Martin story.. It was a not a major story until the media decided to make it racial and cover it 24-7.. Prior to the media's coverage nobody cared, after the media coverage everyone had chosen a side and sadly wished ill will on the other side... BAN THE MEDIA!

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410 days ago


These men did their jobs. They completed a stressful and very hard case that they will most likely be scrutinized for by the public. These won a case and they deserve to celebrate. They fought for what they believe in and they succeeded. It is ridiculous to criticize them for celebrating their victory and having an opinion.

410 days ago


GZ used some of that money for his living expenses. The lawyers also had to pay for the expert testimony about the gunshot evidence. They also had to pay staff that did research, etc. for them. This case went on for 18 moonths. I'm guessiing there wasn't much if any $ left for the lawyers. Of course they should celebrate!

410 days ago


They look like the aging cast of star trek the next generation with the equally aging chick fan popping her chest for attention.

410 days ago


I dont think they should be celebrating....a kid died cause a fat azz bought a gun to a fist fight! He got away with murder, plain and simple.

410 days ago

Los Pepes    

TM violently attacked GZ and he defended himself just like any normal person would do!
Its very simple to understand
What is it that these protesters don't get?

410 days ago


Well deserved! Great job guys!

410 days ago


Pretty sure they were eating in nice restaurants before the Zimmerman case.

410 days ago


This article only proves the obvious: The American media SUCKS!

410 days ago


Good for them! Hope they have a nice breakfast tomorrow. The deserve it. It's not their fault for anything. The prosecutors did not do their jobs. Period.
How soon we forget OJ and Casey Anthony.

410 days ago


Fox News paid for their dinner. Sean Hannity paid for their breakfast. The husband of Juror 37, who went to law school with O'Mara, one of Zimmerman's lawyers, paid for their drinks.
And Trayvon Martin paid with his life.

410 days ago


Now TMZ doesn't even want the Zimmerman defense team to eat at nice restaurants? lol Geez

410 days ago


Eating in any restaurant at any time IS a celebration to the broke ass TMZ cameraman. To the lawyers its just called Lunch.

410 days ago


Funny , Harvey said " People are not going to be okay with them spending and Celebrating in a -Yeah ,right .. Apparently , Harvey doesn't know anything about the Sub-humans that visit his website ..Of Course , people are going to support them celebrating a Murdered Black teen ..

410 days ago


They will get there day in court!!!!'

410 days ago
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