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Rolling Stone

'Bomber' Cover

Banned at 7-Eleven

7/18/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rolling Stone's cover story about the Boston Marathon bomber just got the magazine yanked out of nearly 2,000 7-Eleven stores, and more could follow ... TMZ has learned.

The omnipresent convenient store is joining the national outrage over the mag's upcoming issue with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover, and an investigation into his life leading up to the bombing.

A rep for 7-Eleven, Inc. tells TMZ it "will not sell the Aug. 1 issue of the Rolling Stone magazine in its company-operated stores."

There are 1,700 company operated stores -- and another 5,900 franchised stores. The rep says they'll also urge those franchise owners to pull the issue.

Yesterday, CVS, Walgreens, and Stop & Shop all said they will not sell the issue either.



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en Todo Momento!!    

damn. is this little hairy frog still all over the news?? his face is just so annoying staring at you on every damn website. dzermit the frhogd..

429 days ago

Lawrence Crook    

CNN has been reporting this since yesterday.

429 days ago

Canadian eh!    

If they wanted this article to be about how someone turns into a killer, then why show a photo of him and make him looking like a star?

429 days ago


Harvey, Walgreens and all the other stores that are refusing to sell Rolling Stone with the terrorist on the cover AREN'T destroying the magazine. The magazine can still be purchased at other places. These stores aren't "burning books" as you put it. They are using their "freedom and rights" NOT to sell the magazine just as Rolling Stone has the right to put anyone they want on their cover. The stores are the ones losing the income.

429 days ago


fact is if they used his mug shot id be ok with it.instead they use this picture making him look like some sort of rock star

429 days ago


This is good to see. Rolling Stone shouldn't be glorifying this freak. If they want to do a story go ahead but don't put his huge face on the cover.

429 days ago


Are people mad that he is on the cover or because it is a flattering picture and makes people realize that terrorism comes from all types? If he was darkened up with a scowl on his face, I don't think there would be half as much outrage.

429 days ago


I hope that Jokehar is enjoying his tiny 10 x 10 jail cell that I hear he is rotting in for 23 hours a day.

I'd be going bonkers after a month for sure. Cabin fever. Cooped up like a rat in a cage. To me, It would seem like having to sit in a cramped coach seat on a jet sitting on the runway ... knowing it's NEVER going to get much better for the rest of his life.

Jokehar is only like 20 years old. This psycho muslim bomber dude has DECADES of claustrophobic cabin fever suffering ahead of him. I would be pushing for the death penalty if I was in his shoes. No joke.

429 days ago


for people in and around Boston it hurts more. all the debate about if stores should pull the rolling stone is for show>if one or more people injured belonged to Harvey Levin's family he would be on the other side of the fence

429 days ago


I read that Jokehar was a big STONER ... a daily marijuana smoker. Prison must be a big buzz killer for him now. Doood, like how's he going to "take the edge off" with all the stress he might have in prison? Horrible isn't it?

Oh well, I bet this stoner might be have a shyte eatin' stoned grin on his face today since he made the cover of "Rolling Stone".

What pot smokin' stoner wouldn't dig that? It might make them a litte paranoid though. That's how potheads are you know. :)

429 days ago


WHY is 7-11 getting this press? CVS, Walgreens and several others had already said they weren't going to sell the issue, so why is 7-11 getting the press?

429 days ago


Who in the hell buys Rolling Stone magazine at 7-11? I'll tell you who. Nobody. Nobody buys their copy of Rolling Stone magazine at 7-11. This is that company's poor attempt at boosting next month's sales.

429 days ago


I will NEVER ever buy a Rolling Stone mag again.. how DARE they?

429 days ago

What was Rolling Stone thinking? Is their magazine in the toilet and the need to generate some publicity? I don't get it!

429 days ago


Harvey, Come on, readership must be down for Rolling Stone to put "The Boston Bomber" on their cover! Just when the wounds of so many in the GREATEST CITY in the USA, have barely begun to heal. Yes, I believe in freedom of speech, but why so soon. This was not responsible reporting at this time. The HERO's are the survivors, their families, the rescue teams, the people who live and work on Beacon Street. They should be the featured story. Yes, I would want to read this article, but not so soon, and not a cover issue of the Rolling Stone magazine. I can't believe you are all shocked that Bostonians wouldn't continue to STAND STRONG, by refusing to sell this particular magazine, especially about this Monster who forever changed the lives of many and ended the lives of 2 young beautiful vivacious women, and the sweetest little boy in Boston. Yes, we still Stand Strong for them. Basically, don't mess with us. Not while we are trying to move past this tragedy. Shame on Rolling Stone Magazine. "Boston Strong!"

429 days ago
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