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Rolling Stone

'Bomber' Cover

Banned at 7-Eleven

7/18/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rolling Stone's cover story about the Boston Marathon bomber just got the magazine yanked out of nearly 2,000 7-Eleven stores, and more could follow ... TMZ has learned.

The omnipresent convenient store is joining the national outrage over the mag's upcoming issue with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover, and an investigation into his life leading up to the bombing.

A rep for 7-Eleven, Inc. tells TMZ it "will not sell the Aug. 1 issue of the Rolling Stone magazine in its company-operated stores."

There are 1,700 company operated stores -- and another 5,900 franchised stores. The rep says they'll also urge those franchise owners to pull the issue.

Yesterday, CVS, Walgreens, and Stop & Shop all said they will not sell the issue either.



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Here's the issue, it's not the article that is coming under attack, it's the glamorizing of a terrorist. The victims should be on that cover and an article on them as well. If they wanted to add include the article about his transformation, I get it but don't make him a celebrity. Now you have other nut cases who have mental, religious issues looking at this feeling they can be a matter AND a celebrity on the cover of rolling stone. Be sympathetic and put yourself in the place of the families that lost a loved one or has to now adapt to a life without a limb or nightmares or constant migraines that doesn't allow the, to get more than one hour sleep. Those are the ones we should be glamorizing, the doctors, emits, police, etc. NOT this idiot and his idiot family that thinks he is a nice college student who worked at McDonalds to make ends meet. Have some compassion, RS and TMZ.

439 days ago


I don't even want to learn how to pronounce his name! Garbage!!

439 days ago

fierce defender    

Isn't this ironic...haha

439 days ago

Mr Rod    

Not much common sense, from a rag that glorifies dopers and nitwits!

439 days ago


BFD if you don't like it don't hype it! There have been many people who have interviewed killers.

439 days ago


Rolling Stone is for ROCK STARS not Terrorist...This makes me sick, if I want to read about a terrorist I can by Time or Newsweek, this is not the platform and the fact they don't see its wrong makes me know they are not the type of people that can do honest report, over making the all mighty buck.

439 days ago


I understand why people are upset, but I think that we've missed the point on this. It's not like RS wanted to glorify him or what he did. Perhaps what they wanted to portray was that ANYBODY can be a terrorist in this day and age. What if Dzhokhar really WAS a pretty rock star or member of a boy band? Would we be shocked and upset that they used this image then? Crazy, but this is a crazy world in which we live. Allowing ourselves to be so quickly and easily offended prevents us from having thoughtful dialogue about the bigger issue: how can we identify a potential terrorist and what can we do to prevent these acts from happening.

439 days ago


I hope these stores ban it across the country. Despicable piece of trash.

439 days ago


When I see this photo, I think,"how did he get from this to the Boston Bomber?". That seems pretty much like what the article is about; making this photo a valid cover for such an article. Some say, put the victims on the cover or do a story about the victims. This doesn't mean that we can't hear the victim's story, or their story will never be told at another time. This is just one story that automatically doesn't exclude the stories of others. Hearing that Rolling Stone is unapologetic in this day and age is refreshing. They're not bowing down to pressure and standing by their work. If they lose readers, so be it. That's the most rock n' roll thing Rolling Stone has done in decades. Does this glamorize terrorist to young people? Yeah, like young people still buy magazines, especially Rolling Stone magazine?

439 days ago

BB not bb

Witnesses at Dzhokhar's arraignment doubt whether he is still alive. The court sketch of the man appearing as "Jahar" does not look like him. At the sight of him two women there with a small child, (Katherine Tsarnaev and friend?), audibly gasped. His close friends and teammates from high school who showed up there said that he was speaking with a thick Russian accent in court but he never did in school or when they knew him.

At the end of the video, there is a clip of a man who does look like Jahar, but it is very short and he is looking sideways and behind him. I wonder if that was somehow produced through photo shop techniques by using stills of him. It is a somewhat strange clip in that his movements are very jerky.

I have a feeling that Jahar is either dead or so messed up that he can't go before the judge, so they have some other guy that they are using as his double.

439 days ago


it's a SHAME and disrespecful to the people who lost their lives because of this monster's actions and their grieving families.

439 days ago


Fire the person who decided to put this monster on the cover! !

439 days ago

BB not bb

Eyewitness says she saw a police SUV run over Tamerlane and then shut multiple times by police. He was said before he got in the ambulance. Jahar had nothing to do with it. The police keep lying.

Why is this whole case based on lies? Just like the charges against George Zimmerman. They want your guns and your rights to defend yourself.

439 days ago


Oh good lord. And we wonder why Edward Snowden left the country to RETAIN his voice in the face of government BS? Now you know, ladies and germs. You people throw stones at China and Saddam-days Iraq for censorship, but the requests from the stupid public about boycotts, recalling, reprinting of this cover aren't equally OPPRESSIVE??? Betta' Check Ya'Self.
Oh, I forgot you all believe he scribbled his confession inside that boat, right? And that his brother's friend went berzerk during a "ROUTINE" FBI interview in Florida, right? LOL. Okkkkkkaaaay, sheeple. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Lets not forget these are crimes HE HAS ALLEGEDLY COMMITTED. ALLEGEDLY. Are people still considered innocent in this country until proven guilty? Or is the lynch mob court of public opinion override that level of intelligence and judiciary process?

439 days ago

BB not bb

You can hear Jahar talking in this video without any Russian accent at all. Then when you see his picture after he was shot, he looks dead lying on the gurney. If he was not dead, he was nearly dead.

I wonder if they have him in a hidden ICU somewhere. I think his family is too terrified to say that it wasn't him in court or on the phone.

439 days ago
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