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Katherine Jackson

Hurts to Hear MJ Called


7/19/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Katherine Jackson testified in her wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live ... it's devastating to hear witnesses and lawyers refer to her dead son as "lazy" and a "freak."

She said, "It's hard to sit here in court and listen to all these things ... My son was sick and nobody was trying to help him."

When she met Dr. Conrad Murray -- the man who killed MJ with a fatal dose of Propofol -- she said she immediately thought the doc WASN'T the right person to care for her son.

She said, "My son needed another doctor."

Katherine is trying to prove AEG was negligent in hiring and supervising Dr. Murray, and is therefore responsible for the singer's death.



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The Jackson family should have helped Michael...not AEG, Dr. Murray or anyone else. End of story.

461 days ago


So Katherine, where were YOU?

461 days ago


Who cares if it hurts her to hear that? Her whole family is a bunch of freaks. Her and her husband created a bunch of freaks. It's mostly because of how they raised their kids. Horrible parents.

461 days ago


Kathrine Jackson Your son Michael showed up for court in his Child Molestation Trial Hours late wearing Pajamas if that is not a Drug addict freak than what is?

461 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Where was Katherine? Where was she when JOE beat the crap out of hid kids? Where was she when her son Michael "needed" another Doctor? And where is Katherine now, with Michael dead and gone?
Still trying to suck money off his corpse.

461 days ago

Glory Bee    

I am sorry for your loss as a mother. Yet, as his mother, you knew the abuse he suffered. If it hurts, what became of him, if you feel others are to blame, then look at yourself. you stood by. May you learn to forgive yourself. Make your amends to your son by safekeeping his children. Don't let your other children bully you. Stand tall for once.

461 days ago


Kathrine it is probably true AEG paid Dr. Murray, but that does not mean that they Hired him or had the Authority to tell him how to treat Michael. AEG also Paid for all of Michael's Band that Michael Hired his Back up dancers does that mean that AEG had the right to tell Michael how to Perform and what songs, Michael Had all creative choices all AEG did was write the check.

461 days ago

Spunky Funk    

Any mother would hate to hear negative things about their kids. CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!

461 days ago


"Nobody was trying to help him"
Wouldn't that also include you Mama? you looked the other way like everyone else he supported.

461 days ago


I don't like people calling MJ a freak either...YES he was weird and different, BUT that's exactly why he was so good..he was way different than anyone else in every way. ****BTW what do people expect when every time the guy left his house he was stalked and charged at by a pack of people like a wild animal? People are so annoyed with him being such a hermit and a helpless person...WELL DUH ...he can't go to the store to get things he had to rely on everybody to do things for him. He was in showbiz since he was a little could he not turn out the way he did? If we were locked in the house for long periods of time we too would go a little crazy. I just wish people would have a little compassion and understanding when it comes to him.

461 days ago


But Katherine Jackson had no problem signing those pay-off checks to Michael Jackson's pedophile victims. KJ tries to come across as sweet and demur, but she's the biggest gangsta in that family, not Joe. The whole Jackson family are a bunch of anti-semetic, opportunistic, greedy liars and MJ molested all those young boys with their blessings.

461 days ago


should have hurt the old bag when her husband was beating him?

461 days ago


YOU **** the turd lady... quit complaining about the stink.

461 days ago


"It's hard to sit here in court and listen to all these things ... My son was sick and nobody was trying to help him."

So why didn't you?

461 days ago

the truwth    

She says she wants to find out the truth but has already decided there have been lies about her son. Has she ever thought her son lied, he sought someone to give him Propofol at home on a nightly basis. This tightly knit family, yet Taj didn't know Michael Jackson had moved, one section of the family took Katherine away without Paris knowing, Janet & Jermaine got into an argument with Paris & Prince, what was that all about?

Rather than others stopping the family seeing Michael it's more likely Michael didn't want to see them, but they can't believe Jackson ever lied to them. Is this case about Katherine making amends for what happened to Michael within the family?

461 days ago
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