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Ted Nugent

Bankrupt Detroit ...

It's the Liberals' Fault!

7/20/2013 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Motor City Madman and die hard conservative rock legend Ted Nugent is "shattered but not at all surprised" that his beloved Detroit has filed for bankruptcy -- telling TMZ, the liberals have been sabotaging the city for decades.

You'll recall, the City of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection Thursday ... the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history ... and Nugent is utterly devastated.

He tells us, "Liberal democrats took hold of the greatest, most productive city on earth and turned it into a bloodsucker excuse-making hell. Liberals seem to think that what Mugabe did to destroy the breadbasket of Africa in Zimbabwe is somehow a desirable model."

He might be on to something ... considering Detroit's last Republican mayor left office in 1962, but the fact is it's a much more complicated issue than simply liberals vs. conservatives (for example, the decline of the American auto industry wasn't exactly Detroit's fault).

Nugent adds, "If allowed to continue, our President will do the same to the whole country. Heartbreaking and tragic."

Yeah, the Obama part doesn't make any sense.


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Obama is doing to the US what the crooked politicians did to Detroit. Nugent is 100% on target. I dislike the term "racist" being shoved at anyone who criticizes Obama. Not fair and certainly not warranted...

431 days ago


Nugent is absolutely incorrect!!! He need to shut up!!

431 days ago


Hey Baby, I think the cat scratch fever has a stranglehold on Teddy's brain. I think a full frontal lobotomy is just what the doctor ordered. We can't just allow him to go stormtroopin' around like a great white buffalo or a snakeskin cowboy. It would be a free for all because he's out of control and still raising hell. He thinks he's a motor city madman but really he's just a pissy little queen of the forest.

431 days ago


President Obama part doesn't make sense?

What moron wrote that? Do you not really see how debt has skyrocketed under this inept President? Wages down, labor rate plummeting, taxes going up, something like 45 million on food stamps, 11 million people on disability... Sure - debt that is more than our GDP isn't really a problem... Look over here instead...

This administration helps whip up a near race war between African Americans and Caucasians over an incident where a (DEMOCRAT) Hispanic man who has so many examples of being NOT a racist, killed someone in self defense.

Half the people in America (the ones who voted for this clown)... Deserve what is coming for all of us.

431 days ago


When the republicans changed our laws and shipped our jobs over seas is when Detroit went down hill. Ted Nugent belongs in a carnival side show. Who pays attention to what this clown says? If Ted was a decent guy, he would put on a concert and donate the money to Detroit. But it takes less effort for Ted to spew his stupidity.

431 days ago


TMZ, what part of going into debt do you not understand? This is what Nugent meant about Obama running America into the ground. Did you know that in 19 states, there are more people on welfare than working? Pretty soon there won't be enough people working to support the government or the lazy ass people who just want the government to support their lazy ass lifestyle. How a person wants to just live on a few dollars a day, live in horrible government housing or constantly having to apply for government assistance is a mystery to me.

431 days ago


. now let's ask Bob Seger and kiss the same question

431 days ago

Jay Kay     

The city council is corrupt, the union is corrupt and every time someone tries to help or comes up with a plan, the people of Detroit accuse everyone else of wanting to steal from Detroit. There is actually a city council member who said Obama owes Detroit a bailout for voting him in a second term. Now, I am. Not sure if they are liberals but they are All democrats. People should you tube Detroit City council meeting. People call our governor white Devil but he has turned around a state that was sinking and brought jobs back. He has tried to help Detroit but, the racists hate him. Bankruptcy is because every single proposed idea by the emergency manager and governor has been turned down!

431 days ago


Well the idiot the is our President did say he wouldn't let that happen. Remember, that was his critiicism of Romney. He said didn't care about Detroit and the auto industry and thaat he would let it fail. Just another failure by our lying President.

431 days ago

BB not bb    

He is very good at critisizing, as are most of these musicians, but what does he know how to do to fix it? Does he want to run for mayor of Detroit and fix the whole mess?

He could probably get elected. He would probably let people all have guns. He is supposedly some super Christian too with conservative values.

Let's see him put prayer and the ten commandments in schools and end abortion and gay rights. Does he really think he can stear the crazy train?

431 days ago


The problem with Detroit is all the corrupt mayors and council members they've had for so many years. It's nothing to do with the democrats or Obama. Nugent is off his rocker.

431 days ago


It makes ALL the sense in the world. Detroit hasn't had a GOP or conservative in real power for 40+ decades. The liberals (of which I am part social liberal) overspent on programs that should have been centered on teaching self-sufficiency; not an endless teat to suckle. Obama is doing the VERY same thing to the United States right now; except Obama is also a war-mongering hawk more than Donald Rumsfeld and Bush Jr. combined. What happened to transparency in govt ? Fiscal responsibility ? Bringing our boys home and the worst yet, NSA meddling and Obama's gestapo state. Bush may have opened the door, but Obama LOVES him some patriot act. Unless we get some GOP back in power just to balance things out for a few years, we're going to look like Detroit. OH, the federal war on drugs also ****ed Detroit and everywhere else. Obama did coke and weed, why isn't he using his power to end the drug war and replace it with drug rehab ? Obama is the worst president EVER, and if you think otherwise, you are a one-note clueless stalwart fool

431 days ago


“Yeah, the Obama part doesn't make sense”
You see, that's the problem. Liberals don't even recognize the problem and conservatives get tired of explaining it.

431 days ago


Go boink some more underaged girls jerk.
Stockton CA filed Bankruptcy last year. And?

431 days ago


Oh, Ted Nuggent is a FREAK! But he's on it from time to time.

431 days ago
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