Ted Nugent to Hugo Chavez 'ADIOS MO FO'

3/6/2013 1:06 PM PST

Ted Nugent to Hugo Chavez -- 'ADIOS MO FO'


Ultra-conservative freedom-loving Republican rock star Ted Nugent has three words for the dead former President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez -- "ADIOS MO FO."

Nugent -- a staunch anti-Communist -- tells TMZ, "All dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP. Let freedom ring."

Chavez died yesterday following a battle with cancer.

It makes total sense Nugent would hate the guy -- Chavez was an outspoken anti-American who has long criticized America's foreign policy. During his political career, Chavez also allied with the Communist government of Cuba and the Socialist governments of other Latin American countries.

In sum, Chavez pretty much embodied everything Nugent hates about extremist left-wing politics.