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Lindsay Lohan

Dina Drunk Dialed Therapy Session

7/22/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's mother has been banned from participating in her rehab treatment after a drunken phone call a few weeks ago ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us shortly before Lindsay's birthday, July 2, Cliffside rehab facility got Dina on the phone -- so LiLo could have a conversation with her.

But we're told the person from the clinic who spoke to Dina believed she was hammered, and quickly nixed the idea of letting her speak to Lindsay.

Furthermore, we're told the rehab team felt it would be best for LiLo's treatment if she stopped talking to Dina altogether for the rest of her stay.

Good luck, Oprah.

Attempts to reach Dina were unsuccessful.



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I wonder what would happen if all the H8turds flagged every one of The Nibbler's posts - all day long? Who thinks her posts would NOT be yanked?

460 days ago



They usually are when the story is DUIna centric and NOT flattering. Why am I still laughing . . .?

460 days ago


What is the payoff for these "keepers of the morality of the boards (sic)" as MelissaM put it?? What is the joy they take from it. The fact that it no longer exists having been deleted makes them sleep better? There is one who believes that people are deleted...there is no such thing that I have experienced. I change my name for fun. 90291 was over as I moved from there coupla years ago. I did have my IP address blocked by TMZ once...just changed IP address...same account and as for ROL. I think you have to get law enforcement involved to get blocked there...

460 days ago


geez !!!!!!! TMZ let me finish what I was saying .......she will be clean as long as it take to get in the car and drive off cause somebody will be waiting with her favorites in the dam car for her.......but we will get the New and Clean on the Wagon Lindsay till the Cows come home. !!!! ......or she get arrested again which ever comes first......
I'm just waiting for the barrage of Shyt Spin to start to resell her to the public....Better invest in a pair of armpit high rubber boots cause the shyt is going get deep......and Warner bros will be hitting you with nightly Lohan name drops and features on all their sites and to keep Lohan inc Happy now don't they......LOL.....

460 days ago


What was Nicole's warning?
BTW, I went back to look for the post where she says that deleting posts was payback and I couldn't find it. Did she delete herself?

460 days ago


As much as I can't stand any of these freak, I am curious to know, IF TRUE, how did TMZ come by this information? Last time I checked, it was illegal for the people treating LILo to violate her her rights while they treat her for addiction.

460 days ago

L. Rosemond Kitching    

Who the hell is Nicole and what does she have to do with this story... Or anything pertaining to the Lohans at all, for that matter?

460 days ago


Nicole is a supposed obsessed Lindsay Lohan Lover who has been posting on anything Lohan since day one.......Everyone has a theory as to who or what "she ' really is....But I find is rather suspisious that no matter what "she says" she never gets banned for mor then a day before she is back posting...under a nother name you immediately know its "she"......but piss "her " off and you will be deleted over and over again....Now the only way that can happen is if she is at TMZ or runs this least that is my guess...I think she is a ant stirrer and set in the middle chair everynight on TMZ show and runs "her " Lohan loving mouth....and happens to be one of the producers of the show.....LOL

460 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

A lot of chronic drunks believe no one notices they're drunk.

460 days ago


*flagflag reportreport deletedelete GASP!!!!*

460 days ago


The injustice of july 2nd 1986

460 days ago


Oh everyone knows what Dina will say. "Not true, they never contacted me" or "I was not drunk when they made contact with me", she is nothing but one big walking excuse!

460 days ago


Linds smashed every plate, glass, and bowl
She could not find the diamonds she stole
It was vile to watch
They were found in her crotch
They'd been stashed there last month by NICOLE

[This post subject to hypocritic deletion]

460 days ago


new thread on ROL

460 days ago

Ellie G    

I would bet Dr Phils "little tie and little shoes" that Dina is drunk right now.

460 days ago
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