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Kate Middleton



7/23/2013 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Here it is ... THE ROYAL BABY ... 's head ... and fingers ... so everyone can go back to their lives. Please.

Kate Middleton and Prince William debuted their infant overlord moments ago in London -- the third in line for the British throne -- and guess what? The kid is totally normal. Hooray.


Royal baby

  • Makes me happy
  • Makes me sick
Still no word on the name, but at least we know the kid actually exists -- unless it's a decoy baby and Kate Middleton was never really pregnant to begin with.

Now that would be a real story. Not that this isn't a real story.


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Yet another royal baby who will get a very expensive college education with a useless degree in art history or geography, then never have to work a day in his life.

269 days ago


It's not at all unusual to go home the next day if there are no complications. It's safe to bet they'll be help back home as well. My sister-in-law went home the second day after having a C-section and my aunt went home the next day just like Kate. Refreashing to see a nice young couple excited to share their child with people who'd like to see. Considering the attention the royals are receiving, how long until we see some stupid publicity stunt from Kanye or Kim?

269 days ago


I used to love TMZ. Went to it daily (or more) to check celebs gossip. I have to say I am very disappointed about their coverage about the royal baby. I think it has been rude and disrespectful. This is a important part of history and you choose to make a mockery of it and make it less than what it is. You barely cover it, yet, have Amanda Bynes as your top story!!! I wish you had of done things differently. I actually went to this site first to see if the baby was born because I thought you would be right there in the excitement. I went to other sites instead for their better coverage. I hope more people feel this way and I hope TMZ you pay more respect when the baby's name is released...

269 days ago


f!CKING **** TMZ so called writer. go f!ck yourself.

269 days ago


I was amazed to see Mike on the show yesterday saying how the next day after giving birth, no woman can walk normally, and Kate shouldn't have to do this.........Mike, you've been hanging around the Kardashians too much, It's childbirth, she kept herself healthy, and probably felt pretty good as many NORMAL new moms.
Funny how the Royal Baby was about 3 lbs bigger than Kim's and Kate was about 100 lbs thinner than Kim.

269 days ago


You know what's not a real story, anything to do with the Kardashians, including North (really?) West. Yet, you folks at tmz report on Kim and co. and other not real news divas all the time (most of the time very seriously), and we go along with it for the entertainment value. How about not being complete a$ses about the new royal baby considering your other content? How about giving the next KING of Great Britain some respect, instead of waiting to kiss Kardashian butt to see a Kim/Kanye baby that most of the world won't care about?

269 days ago
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