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Beth Chapman

Arrest Warrant Issued

7/25/2013 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beth Chapman is learning the hard way ... you don't call another chick a whore and a slut in Colorado ... because she's now facing imminent arrest.

Beth and hubby Dog the Bounty Hunter were fishing at a lake earlier this month when a car roared by ... which didn't sit well with the famous couple and their kids.  Beth allegedly began berating the teenage passenger, whom she called a tramp, a whore and a slut, among other choice words.

The situation escalated ... and Beth called 911, claiming one of the people in the party she confronted was ominously carrying a gun with his hand on the grip.

By the time cops arrived, Beth and her brood had split.  But the teen filed a criminal harassment complaint.  Under Colorado law, if someone taunts, challenges or uses "coarse language" against someone, it's a crime.  It appears slut and whore qualify.

So cops issued a summons for Beth to appear in court on the misdemeanor harassment charge.  Law enforcement tells TMZ ... they called her on her cell several times to come down to the station to pick up the summons, but she blew them off.

So police issued an arrest warrant, which means Dog could make some money by cuffing his wife and taking her to the station -- kidding.

Cops tell us ... Beth's lawyer has already contacted them, and arranged for Beth to turn herself in and accept the summons.

BTW ... Colorado cops tell us ... the guy with the gun didn't violate the law, and in Colorado you can walk into a grocery story with a gun in holster and it's perfectly legal.


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I Told You So    

You should ask Mrs. Beth Chapman how much she hate the U.S. Military! The Seabees in Hawaii was doing what they do best hiking as part of their endurance training and unknowingly walked in the background where Mrs. Beth "fat" Chapman was doing a photo shoot and she just started goin off cursing at the service members! If it is not for the men and women who sacrifices so much Mrs. Beth "Fat" Chapman would have not been able to do photo shoots!

450 days ago


LOL That would make an interesting season finale. The hunter has become the hunted.

450 days ago

PacoN Martinez-Garoutte    

She's calling the other chick a slut and a whore?
HONEY look in the mirror; you ain't exactly Julia Roberts and AND
why would YOU call somebody a slut and a whore?

450 days ago

PacoN Martinez-Garoutte    

testing 1 2 3 4 5
She's calling the other chick a slut and a whore?
HONEY look in the mirror; you ain't exactly Julia Roberts and AND
why would YOU call somebody a slut and a whore?
testing 9 8 7 6 5 4

450 days ago

beth is the crazy     

This is why you should carry a gun: who knows when somecrazy c-word is going to assault you? I would make sure I knew where my gun was if a crazy person accosted me. How did he know what this crazed woman and her meth biker gang old man (Dog, from this guy's perspective).

450 days ago


Wow, you talk so bad about this woman and the way you describe her is just appalling but it seems people like you who express themselves in this manner are obviously in turmoil with there own lives and is very limited in there word vocabulary. Don't hide behind your vulgar words where no one knows your name or sees who you are. People like you are cowards and would never speak up for the underdog and trust me she would kick your ass so don't judge by appearances. You are a bully.

449 days ago


Fat, ugly, trashie, hosebeast. There was a story that she used to do favors for drug money, who knows how true, but she sure looks the part.

449 days ago


ok, you can walk in into a grocery store with a gun but you can use coarse language in Colorado? interesting.

448 days ago


I am sure the teenager didnt speed in the campground either endangering the lives of other children.
Beth should learn how to use words fitting for her own children to use as well. They all should grow up and act like adults.

448 days ago

william fitch    

Is Beth going to have to do a "PERP WALK" to receive the summons, and does that mean their spin off show has hit the crapper so quick? Ding Dang!!!

438 days ago

Nikki Rayy     

Beth is rude and low class !!! I live in Colorado , I was at Elitch gardens and this trailer trash was there ...I should had called TMZ to tape her a zzz ....She was been rude to everyone . I saw a little girl asking her a pic and she was been a biT and been obnoxious !!!! She's a low class bitchhhh !!!

435 days ago


With laws like that against free speech any malcontent can contact the law and claim someone insulted them? Who wants to live in, visit or even drive through that state???

420 days ago


Who would want to visit Colorado or even drive through it with those laws against free speech??

420 days ago

herde gerde man    

fat whore **** stike dago bitch **** lapper from the past oh drug head too!!!

322 days ago


Both Beth and Dog the biggot Chapman have been doing that to people they apprihend on their show for years. That Biatch and her mouth are going to get her or somone in their no gun carrying kinda want to be a bounty hunter crew killed. She's going to mouth off to the wrong person one day out of the view of the camera and swallow a foot that is still inserted in its boot.

314 days ago
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