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Debbie Rowe

To Testify About

MJ's Shocking Drug Use

7/25/2013 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe will testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case that MJ was a SECRET, hardcore drug addict for decades -- testimony that could severely damage the Jackson's case.

Sources connected with the trial tell TMZ ... Rowe will be called by AEG Live Tuesday or Wednesday ... and she'll testify that in the '80s and '90s ... she knew Michael was abusing some prescription meds, but had no idea his habit was so out of control.

We're told Rowe will point the finger at her former boss, MJ's go-to doc, Arnie Klein.  Rowe will testify she learned after the fact that Klein had a standing order ... when Michael came to the office he should be injected with Demerol and Vistaril (which makes the Demerol stronger). 

Rowe will say Michael kept the extent of his drug abuse a secret from her -- something that will clearly help AEG, because the company is arguing it had no reason to know Michael was a drug abuser.

Rowe will say she saw Michael on TMZ coming out of Klein's office days before he died -- looking totally out of it.  We're told she will say she called Klein after Michael died and said, "What the f**k did you give him?  He's dead and it's your fault."  She then hung up on him.

Rowe's testimony will further help AEG because she'll say she had no idea Michael was secretly going to surgical offices specifically for the purpose of getting high and going to sleep.

She'll also say she's the only person in Michael's world who could control him -- that she's the only one (including Michael's family) who would say "NO."

The testimony could be critical.  If the jury believes Michael could hide his hardcore drug use, AEG would have no reason to sound an alarm or take preventative action.



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Clayton Reeder    

Glad that child raping ****er is dead.

400 days ago


hopefully she has some heavy duty body guards before trial

400 days ago


BeLIEve (The Michael Jackson death hoax Investigation) on Facebook page. the king of pop is still ALIVE!!!!

400 days ago


'hardcore drug addict for decades' ......... well, who the hell didn't know that, just look at his pics for his last ten years, he had to be really wasted to look in the mirror and think he looked normal..

400 days ago


Debbie needs to keep her mouth shut if she does not want to further damage her relationship with her kids. The porposed testimony probably comes from old legal do***ents, perhaps adeposition in the old child custody battle. Hopefully, time has dimmed her memory and she will not testify against her children's case.

400 days ago


Where do they not just leave well enough alone. This man was a wonderful singer, father and friend and also very lonely. His children deserve to be proud of their father and not to be destroyed by other people. No one elses business what he did with the drugs, he hurt no one but himself

400 days ago


VICKIE/IMANI...And others ignorant of the FACTS.
At the time of MJ'S death, HE was not addicted to prescription meds; MJ did not have any organ damage that would indicate long-term drug abuse. Propofol, is not structurally or pharmacologically related in any way to other common anaesthetics such as opioids (narcotic pain killers), or benzos. Propofol has no attraction to receptors within the Brain that the above drugs commonly interact.
''I concur with you that, "IT WAS HIS FAULT----ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!"
Such idiocy, why 'concur' when you really haven't a clue what you are talking about?
Murray is in in jail, not long enough, because he administered a LETHAL dose of Propofol to his ONE Patient, HE was the 'Doctor'.
Murray neglected MJ and FAILED miserably in the surgical AMINISTRATION of such anaesthetic, there was no monitoring/resuscitation equipment.
He abandoned his one Patient, and left him to die, and you say it was MJ's fault???
No, it is clearly, and WITHOUT doubt, MURRAYS fault.
End of.

400 days ago


I believe her. FWIW, She's the ONLY one in those kids' world that I believe.

400 days ago

Rick Schiller    

I dont think the jury nor the public realize what it means to say MJ asked for his father. MJ didnt love his father, he feared him because of brutality & control, and MJ knew his father had that over corporations too. He wasnt saying i am in pain so get me daddy, he was saying i want my fighting warrior against you people. He wanted the ole man. I understand this. I have a family like the Jacksons (a JW mother) though she is the more dominant and so hard to tolerate, when i have an issue with others then i ask for my mother because people fear her when she wants to be feared. nothing to do with daddy love or mama love, or poor me. MJ was desperate to get someone more powerful than any attorney was for him, namely his dad. And they didnt.

400 days ago


I don't think it really matters if Debbie opens her mouth or not. She hasn't been exactly the perfect little woman either. I'm not saying she does drugs, but she was in his circle, and so many in his circle were pumping MJ up with all sorts of narcotics. He just couldn't and wouldn't stop...

400 days ago


If she knew about some drug use why did she give him a child to raise.

400 days ago


Jackson lawyers & Katherine think they take everyone for fools?
The was far from the first time MJ abused Propofol.
This time he was killed. If he had been alive much longer, his kids would've suffered more abuse.
No one wants to see his kids lie & abuse themselves like he did.

They expect strangers to say sorry to Katherine after Jackson ripped off AEG employees who trusted MJ?
They didn't hire Murray.
All the people MJ knew told him not to abuse
any drugs, including Murray himself.

Nurse Cherilyn told MJ that he'd kill himself if he injected Propofol alone or with a doctor's help.

Who really believes a criminal doctor and monitoring equipment would save the life of an ILLEGAL SEDATIVE user?

MJ read the doctor book given to him by
Nurse Cherilyn but he REFUSED TO LISTEN TO HER.
- - - -
Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 22 Jul
Panish took over again and asked Mrs. Jackson whether she received condolence cards from strangers. She said she got 1000s of them.

Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 22 Jul
She said she was told that if it was held at the Staples Center, the family wouldn't have to pay for it.

Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 22 Jul
Putnam asked about the Staples Center memorial service. Mrs. Jackson said she wanted to hold it at the LA Coliseum, which is much bigger.

400 days ago


Let's wait and see what Debbie will testify before jumping to conclusions.Also during the trial in 2005 the prosecution was SURE that Debbie would testify against Michael which OF COURSE she didn't.

400 days ago


Everything Michael did in his life time does not negate
the fact that AEG Knew Michael was dying and did nothing to help him. They wanted him dead so they
can get the money. It is all about the money baby.

technically there is not enough time for all these people to come forward with truth or lies..
it can go on forever and ever.

400 days ago


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400 days ago
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