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Amanda Bynes

Parents to Judge:

She's Gonna Hurt Herself Bad, UNLESS ...

7/26/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Bynes' parents will tell a judge today ... the actress is in serious danger and could cause physical harm to herself ... and that's why they want to take control over her life, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us ... Amanda's parents will be in court this morning with their attorney, Tamar Arminak ....asking the judge to create a temporary conservatorship for their 27-year-old daughter.

Here's what her parents must prove: 

1) Amanda does not have the ability to provide for her own physical health --  along with food, clothing and shelter

We're told her parents will use the gasoline fire in Thousand Oaks, which singed her clothes and caused damage to a home, as the centerpiece of their argument that she's in imminent danger of physically harming herself.

2) Amanda cannot make sound financial judgements

Amanda's parents will argue her mental illness makes her unfit to protect her life savings.

3) They can provide a stable home for their daughter

We're told Amanda's parents will tell the judge ... they're prepared for Amanda to move into their Thousand Oaks home and they will provide all necessary care.

FYI -- Amanda owns two properties, but they're both leased out.  She's lived in several hotels and apartment buildings ... but she's been thrown out of almost every one due to her erratic behavior. 

4) There are no realistic alternatives to a conservatorship

We're told Amanda's parents will argue she's suffering from schizophrenia but will not seek treatment because she doesn't believe she has an illness -- even though she acknowledges there's a "good Amanda" and a "bad Amanda."  They believe the only way to keep her safe is to provide round-the-clock care.

If the judge grants the temporary conservatorship, we're told the parents will immediately petition the court to make the conservatorship PERMANENT ... ala Britney Spears.   The judge would then set a date for a full-blown hearing and appoint a lawyer to rep Amanda.

Today's hearing is set for 8:30 AM PT -- so stay tuned.



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She is mentally ill and should get help, she hasn't harmed anyone except herself, why the hate?

451 days ago


You CAN NOT make a conservatorship permanent. That's not accurate. Conservatorships for mental illness are for one year periods, you must reapply and go to court every year to renew it. Mental Illness is something that can be managed with therapy and medicine, so because of that it is not allowed to be permanent. Before stating legal information on the website, you should do more research. Also, conserrvertorship is actually very hard to get. And she can fight it! If she is not willing, it isn't an easy battle especially if just being diagnosed and doing anything "severe".

451 days ago


At least her parents look responsible and are not after her money.

451 days ago


Ill watch over her

451 days ago


These parents need to give this girl a good ole fashioned ass whipping and then ground her for a month. Ass whipping first.

451 days ago


I love you amanda!!

451 days ago

Brett P    

This girl's problems are nobody's business but her's and her family's. It's sickening that her struggles with a mental illness are being broadcast for the entire world to see. And people wonder why so many people fail to seek help... probably because the majority of people view these diseases as something to laugh at. It's time to get rid of the social stigma, people.

451 days ago


I wish Drake would put my v a g i n a in imminent danger of physical harm.

451 days ago


Hell, now that I think about it, it all makes sense.

I'll bet you "Bad Amanda" had an apartment of her own. That would explain why Amanda Bynes had more than one apartment to reside at once. She has a split personality. The scenario fits. Seriously, think about it.

451 days ago


she's FAT,
..and UGLY

451 days ago


One time, at band camp...
Seriously, one day, when I was 43, I had a complete mental breakdown for about 12 hours. My mother slapped me in the face to try to snap me out of it and I slapped her back, at which point my father was going to call 911, but I RAN OFF into the woods behind our neighborhood. I was COMPLETELY out of it and my husband was at work (he's the one who called my parents).

I have NO IDEA what happen to me, but I had a complete mental break, and it has never happened again. It SCARED THE CHIT out of me! I was later diagnosed with peri-menopause; a hormone imbalance that had thrown my entire psyche out of balance. I'm fine now, but I wanted to share that with y'all because people can go crazy at the drop of a hat and then be fine- it happened to me. However, I DO think that Amanda is in need of extensive therapy.

451 days ago


I'm so tired of this story find some better news

451 days ago


Judging by the photo, I am going to say that the nuttiness comes from the mom's side of the family tree.

451 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Oh... and it is "badly" ("she is going to hurt herself BADLY), not "bad" - you are modifying a verb and thus you need an adverb.

451 days ago


Amanda Bynes and her family and health practicioners should do a reality show that is more educational and follow her on her journey to a sound mind and well being as Schizophrenia is really mis-understood and highly stigmatized and everyone should get to know this sickness and be compassionate to her.

If done right, maybe it could even win awards, if they choose really good producers who will have Amanda best interest at heart.

451 days ago
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