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Amanda Bynes

Hotel Disaster Scene

Ash, Trash & Busted Alarm

7/27/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes left a trail of destruction at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC -- days before she was taken in on a 5150 hold -- and TMZ has pics of the disaster zone.

Piles of of garbage, ashes, cosmetics, and even a destroyed smoke alarm can be seen in the photos taken inside Amanda's room.

As we reported, Bynes was booted from the posh hotel last Thursday for smoking weed in the room and being rude to hotel staff. Bynes denied the allegations, but the photos paint a pretty damning picture.

The damaged smoke alarm pic is noteworthy -- Amanda's parents say she has a history of disabling the devices because she thinks they're watching her.

Bynes ran up a $9,000 bill over 9 days -- and sources at the Ritz tell us the hotel is still tallying up the room damages.


No Avatar


so she left garbage behind? Isn't that what the maids are paid for? I mean it is gross but, nothing a little cleaning can't fix. There's no ACTUAL damage, minus the smoke detector. What a stupid article. TMZ you're losing your touch!

424 days ago

Buck Boy    

The comments made to the Hotel clerk are reprehensible.
But the gasoline on an innocent animal is criminal.

424 days ago


Picture # 9 clearly shows seeds collected in the plate .... a sign that this girl has been smoking ****ty Mexican dirt seeds are unheard of in the West..... this would also drive me to craziness.

424 days ago


nothing to see here TMZ....this is typical for people to do in hotel rooms, by the way will she be charged with animal cruelty for getting gasoline all over her poor dog?

424 days ago


TMZ thinks an unmade bed and junk lying around is a trashed room. Isn't that what the maid service is for? Also, why is the hotel releasing photos of the room and details of her bill? I wouldn't pay them an extra cent if I was her.

424 days ago


Oh c'mon with this. Lohan was so wasted on alcohol and drugs she accused a man of attacking her trying to rape her and pulled a fire alarm. Yet, Lohan goes back to the room to get whatever drugs were left over out of there.

Enough with the exaggerations.

424 days ago


I looked past the mess and took a good look at the room. There is no way that is a "posh" hotel room. It looks more line an Embassy Suites or mid-range hotel suite. I'd be pissed too if I was being overcharged for a room I could have booked on Expedia or some such travel site for a hell of a lot less than that.

424 days ago


My hotel room in Vegas looked a helluva lot worse than this.

424 days ago


My guess is she denied maid service during her stay. Who can drink that many Diet Cokes in 24 hours?

424 days ago


This is merely gossip-site filler until the real stories come spilling out when Griefside Rehab releases Linds from her cage. 3 months of built-up rage and a big bag of Molly to get her gack on.... THAT'S when the fun begins!

424 days ago


It really isn't that bad. If you stay in a room for a week or more and hang the dnd sign it tends to get a little messy. She didn't clean up after herself but honestly not bad at all.

424 days ago

Belfast to Cali cutie     

OMG she left her bed unmade?!? Those pictures aren't anywhere near worthy of being called an 'aftermath'

424 days ago

I don't understand why these hotels rent out to this people like Amanda and Lindsay etc do they need the business that bad or is it for the free publicity?

424 days ago


Finally they can help this poor girl instead of making fun of her.

424 days ago


Ashes, dirty dishes and a rumpled bed are not a "trashed" room. She took down the smoke detector so it wouldn't go off while she was blazing up, and probably cause it was watching her.

424 days ago
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