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Frat to Johnny Manziel


to Booze Here

7/29/2013 8:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Manziel was asked to leave a University of Texas frat party this weekend because he tried to drink a beer ... and frat officials became worried he would be a liability because he's only 20 years old, TMZ has learned.

The Heisman Trophy winner has been at the center of a media firestorm ever since a video emerged showing the Texas A&M quarterback being escorted out of a UT frat party Saturday night ... while one guy screamed, "Get the f**k out!!"

But our frat sources tell us ... the decision to boot Manziel wasn't based on school rivalry -- it was about staying out of trouble with school officials.

One source tells us ... some of the brothers became concerned when they saw Johnny taking pictures at the party while holding a beer in his hand ... and worried that a media backlash would result in the school punishing the fraternity for underage drinking.

So, we're told, the fraternity brothers quickly made the decision to ask Johnny to leave the party ... and during his exit, one of the frat guys decided to act like a frat guy ... and started with the heckling.

As we previously reported, Manziel is legally ALLOWED to drink in the state of Texas ... as long as he's accompanied by a parent.

But we're told it didn't appear mom or dad was part of the entourage this time around.

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No Avatar


Sounds like he's right on track to be drafted by New England or Pittsburgh. If he survives till then.

421 days ago


AND TMZ as MANY folks pointed out to your stupid writers....ANY facility in TEXAS can DENY serving Johnny Football EVEN with his parents there....it's up the place...no shoes, no shirt, no minors even their mommies or daddies...NO SERVICE.

421 days ago


That's a good explanation, but I seriously do not believe that was the original reason he was told to leave...UT and a&m have a FIERCE rivalry. I can't imagine any aggie walking into that party and being welcomed. Johnny wanted to play for UT and UT screwed up letting him get away. This is sour grapes on UT's part.

421 days ago


What a fun frat. Just don't mess with their D&D night.

421 days ago


SAE house. Hook 'Em.

421 days ago


"Wasn't based on school rivalry" my ass! I've lived in Texas my whole life. The rivalry between UT and A&M is belligerent. Straight up hostile.

421 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so does texas a&m stand for 'takes it in the asz and mouth'? seems that way.

421 days ago


Who the hell would want to party with a bunch of orange faced ***s anyway. I promise you there was probably 50-1 guy girl ratio. That's how these UT parties go. They end up playing hid the sausage with each other after the party is over.

421 days ago

bailey 79    

This guy shouldn't be taking pictures with booze in his hands, people are now watching what he's gonna do next. Even this is bad publicity for him. And people at A&M are going to what him even closer. Johnny boy already has been to jail, expressed how he can't wait to leave school, been told to leave the Mannings quarterback camp because he missed a meeting, because he got ****ed up the night before, now seen drinking underage. Yes he wasn't the only one, but nobody cares they're not the quarterback for their school and represent their school. This guy needs to grow up.

421 days ago

bailey 79    

If he plans on going pro he needs to change his image, because with the NFL's track record of players going to jail, they are gonna look at your history, and decide whether they want to spend millions of dollars on an immature kid who already has been to jail. Grow up boy!!!!

421 days ago


he got tossed because he is the qb of texas biggest rival a&m.lol how they are trying to make the frat look responsible.i bet they have gotten many of underaged girls drunk and date raped them

421 days ago

virginia baird    

All I have to say is this!! (& by the way,we don't evenplay Texas A&M)so forget about calling me a hater!! Facts Are Facts drinking under the age of 21 is AGAINST THE LAW!! His parents weren't there this time,he knew he wasbreaking the law&Anyone who thinks he's above the law has a problem! We've had guys(under age drinking) but they were suspended each & every time to discipline them!! YOU CAN NOT BREAK THE RULES OR THE LAW WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES!!

420 days ago


He should not have been let let in in the first place, i am no prude to drinking but most underage minors only become a liability at these parties anyway, and i never went to UT or A&M so I could give less of a **** about the rivalry

420 days ago


So that's why they were throwing cups of beer at him...I was confused???? Because he was too young to stay at the party? Nice try.

420 days ago
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