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Lindsay Lohan

My Toxic Ex-Friends Are

Dead to Me

7/29/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has made a list ... she's checked it twice ... and she's decided ... the majority of her so-called "friends" will be CUT from her life when she's sprung from rehab.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay recently sat down at Cliffside -- where she's currently enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program -- and made a list of 100 friends ... who knew?

We’re told Lilo was inspired by a therapy session about "toxic friends and influences."  Lindsay actually made 2 lists -- one with the friends she'll keep, and the other with the ones she'll ax.

According to sources, 80 people were on the "cut" list.

Lindsay showed it to her closest friends -- who mostly agreed with her choices.

The big question ... did Michael Lohan get the chop?


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Justsay Nohan    

No. The REAL question is whether or not Dina is on the axe-list.

451 days ago


She needs to really consider how "Toxic" her parents could be to her. Sometimes, you need to keep a distance from close relatives too.

451 days ago


The simple facts is Lindsay Lohan is about the least like person in the public's eye....Oh the Warner's can sell her shyt spin on every gossip site and TV show they own ( and by the way they own most of them) but it ain't going change the publics opinion it is written in stone by the whore herself .......She will never be a A list actress or even a C list actress because She CAN"T act.....and even porn actress's keep a cleaner reputation then she has......
Lohan Inc and the Warner's are selling Rotten Fish aka Lindsay Lohan ...and the public has done gotten Ptomaine Poisoning from that fish and ain't buying any more....And they well continue buying her roles and movies and appearances to keep her narcissitc dream going that she is a actress instead of the payed whore she really is......Because as she once shouted at Francis Eastwood mother and friend...."She knows stuff" and they better not make her mad........HUMMMMMM sounds like .....well you finish the sentence.....LOL.....

451 days ago

some guy    

I'm assuming Jack Daniels and Heroin Harry are on the 'keep' list.

451 days ago


I find it hard to believe she has 10 friends, let alone 100. And unless she cuts that toxic family that has bled her dry financially, she's doomed. Sad thing to see her piss her life away like this, while other, hard working nice people drop dead. Moron.

451 days ago



451 days ago


Aw, guess who is missing Blo's premiere tonight...and being shipped back to Korea:

Aliana ‏@aliana 3h
#SeoulKorea #model #work 🙏🚀

451 days ago


I'm a believer. I believe they'll resurrect three days after she's out of rehab!

451 days ago


Lindsay love, you need to cut both your mother and your father out of your life for a looooooonnnnnggggg time. That vile mother of yours uses you for any type of party and free "gifts" she can get and that father of yours is a lowlife s***bag who uses you and your problems for any type of publicity he can get. Stay away from them and the party scene for a bit and you'll be good love :)

451 days ago


Nic-hole must be getting her sizeable nickers in a twist and be positively salivating at the prospect of her "Idol's" release.!!!

451 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dead as of this source:

451 days ago


I hope she stay's sober and I'll always wish her the best. As someone who has struggled with this disease in the past I KNOW how hard it is to overcome. Just keep at it.

451 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Recovering actress Lindsay to guest host Chelsea Lately on August 5th

451 days ago


I bet all the ex friends are the ones she owes money to.

451 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Recovering actress Lindsay Lohan to guest host Chelsea Lately on August 5th

451 days ago
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