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Lindsay Lohan

My Toxic Ex-Friends Are

Dead to Me

7/29/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has made a list ... she's checked it twice ... and she's decided ... the majority of her so-called "friends" will be CUT from her life when she's sprung from rehab.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay recently sat down at Cliffside -- where she's currently enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program -- and made a list of 100 friends ... who knew?

We’re told Lilo was inspired by a therapy session about "toxic friends and influences."  Lindsay actually made 2 lists -- one with the friends she'll keep, and the other with the ones she'll ax.

According to sources, 80 people were on the "cut" list.

Lindsay showed it to her closest friends -- who mostly agreed with her choices.

The big question ... did Michael Lohan get the chop?


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I don't want to work
I want to bang on the drum all day

Anyone else feel this way today?

416 days ago


Another slam from the New Yorker:

"The controlled wastes of “The Canyons.”

"...James Deen, the handsome X-rated actor with a Jewish-boy-next-door persona, fits in with the classy décor as he snakes around the sets dressed in black. He looks terrific, but he speaks his lines so rapidly that you can’t always hear them. Lohan is a real actress, (as opposed to a porn star) but in this movie she’s puffy and overwrought and unfocussed, and she weeps a lot. At times, needy and confused, she’s touching, but you’re not sure whether she’s crying in character, or lamenting her participation in a low-budget movie, or grieving over her own troubles."

416 days ago


Making lists and following up on it are two entirely different things. Believe it when I see it. That being said, here come all the stories, true or not, now that LIndsay is being released on Wed.

416 days ago


Oh Nikki...there are so many bad reviews (no surprise!) Search "The Canyons" on Twitter, and there are tons of links. The consensus is that it is tedious and boring,esp the 4-way "orgy"scene..Blo is said to look "puffy" by at least 3 critics..and she cries a lot.

Sherry Baker ‏@Sherstar 9m
THIS is how you write a snarky film review that's more fun to read than movie is to endure: The Canyons …

416 days ago


Regardless of the friends she gets rid of, cutting off her family should not be an option.

Everyone in that equation has made mistakes. Caring enough to work through problems together is what defines family.

416 days ago


Lindsay has no friends. She unable to maintain a genuine friendship. The closest she gets to having any friends is her incestuous relationships with siblings and her mother.

416 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

And her "closest friends" are clean and sober? As if.

There was a time I used to read these articles and actually believed them. But I noticed pretty quick it's the same bull over and over and over.

Lindsay is all talk. People who really want to change don't talk about it, they just do it.

416 days ago


Did she consider the fact that she is toxic to herself . This no talent addict will never face the fact that she is the source of all her problems. She only went to rehab to shut people up and avoid jail. In her drug and alcohol addled mind she has no substance abuse problems. Once she is out she will continue with the partying and the usual addict lies and deceptions until she is found dead of an overdose. Her self inflicted stupidity is obviously learned behavior from her role model parents.

416 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Have a great day, everybodeeeeee.

416 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


You know that as soon as Lindsay Lohan gets out of court-ordered rehab, it’s going to be 24-7 crack drama, right? I’m just saying that so everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – will prepare themselves. I’m not even sure when Lindsay is scheduled to leave her Malibu rehab clinic… it’s soon, I think. Like, within the next week or week and a half. We’ve been without daily Lohan crack drama for months, although she’s still tried to provide us with some drama here and there, through “sources” and stuff.

So, as soon as Lindsay gets out of rehab, she’ll probably head straight to New York to promote The Canyons. She’s supposed to give some sort of exclusive interview to Oprah (at a cost to Oprah of $2 million), and I think I remember something about an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman too. There will probably be a cracked-out red carpet premiere for The Canyons in either LA or NYC (or both) and Lindsay will insist on attending. And with all of this, you have to remember that Oprah’s OWN cameras will be following Lindsay for a mini-series reality show or something. Again, I’m saying all this so you can begin to prepare yourselves. In the meantime, Lindsay is pretending like everything I just said is a crack lie and that she’s really going to be flying (one-way!) to Europe for some rest and relaxation.

Lindsay Lohan has booked a one-way ticket to Europe … set to depart as soon as she finishes rehab … because everyone knows an overseas vacation is the best way to keep your nose clean.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ … after her 90-day-court-ordered rehab finishes up she’ll head to London for some R&R … as the first stop on a European adventure.

We’re told a gal pal of LiLo offered to take her as a gift for a “job well done in rehab”. And since LiLo has some time before her OWN docu-series begins filming she jumped at the opportunity.

Our sources say she booked a one-way ticket and has no return date set (yet), but hopefully it’s before she’s scheduled to film.

Lindsay believes the trip will give her some privacy during her post-rehab days.

Plus, it’s Europe … what could go wrong?

Ah, I see. I guess she’ll have a week to herself before her promotional duties begin, so she wanted to go to Europe to “rest”. And probably to “pay some bills” because most of her income is from being some kind of international call girl, allegedly. I’m sure her finances are a hot mess and I doubt this past three months of no income helped matters at all. So, yeah, she’s gotta make that money so it’s off to Europe for some quick cash. Then it’s on to Oprah for even more money

416 days ago


Right now on Good Morning America they are interviewing an actor from Lovelace -the movie that Squeaky lost out on-they are saying it is a good movie and not made for TV.

416 days ago


Most people leaving rehab have structure set up so that they don't relapse. Usually 90 meeting's in 90 days or if 12 steps are not for them some type of intense therapy and sober living but according to TMZ Squeaky is flying to London courtesy of a "friend" -Yea Lindsay knows what she is doing.

416 days ago


Oh cut the crap Lohan doesn't have any friends. She has dealers, drinking and drug buddies. Who the hell is she trying to kid.

Her same old bs story different day. I give her a month.

416 days ago


Hey what happened to her 30 days labor community service and her 18 months of shrink?

416 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

She should consider how she has been toxic to so many other people.

416 days ago
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