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Riley Cooper

Leaves Philadelphia Eagles

After N-Word Threat

8/2/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Philadelphia Eagles
wide receiver Riley Cooper needs some serious n-word counseling ... so much so he's taken a leave from the team.

A rep for the Eagles was blunt and to the point: "Riley Cooper will be seeking counseling and we have excused him from all team activities."

The rep says Riley needs to understand how his racist threats -- to fight every n***er at the Kenny Chesney concert -- are hurtful.

The team is hedging over whether Cooper will be welcome back.

For his part, Riley says, "The organization and my teammates have been extremely supportive, but I also realize that there are people who will have a tough time forgiving me for what I’ve done. The best thing for me, and for the team, is to step away for a period of time."

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No Avatar


Who cares!

425 days ago


Why does anyone really care so much about this one word? I mean really, it's just a word.

425 days ago

Pudding Tang    

City of brotherly love is not pleased.

425 days ago

Pudding Tang    

City of brotherly love is not pleased.

425 days ago


Black people grinds my fcking gears. they say this stupid ass words all the time but expect no one else to use it. Ignorant ******s need toblearn to live by example. The Eagles are dumb asses. Other players can rape women, kill people and get susoended for one game but Rikey cant say ****** when he's drunk, and having a fight with someone? Fck this team. they suck anyway

425 days ago


If I say something that offends you, that is YOUR PROBLEM and NOT MINE.

If I can say something that UPSETS you, that just means I have POWER of YOU.

Would there be the same outcry if it was a BLACK player at a JAY-Z concert and he said the same thing about white people? The answer is NO!

425 days ago

Cool Papa    

I cannot believe how many people are defending this vile, racist s***bag. This is why I need to be hired for TMZ Sports.

425 days ago


Kasuwell said it best "The hell with 9/11 ! All those people died who cares get over it !!! The hell with the holocaust all those people died who cares get over ... see How insensitive that sounds stop telling African Americans to get over ! Yes my mom can call me stupid I'll probably laugh it off and if a stranger calls me the same thing it would be a war of words if you can't understand that logic don't know what to tell you"

425 days ago

Pudding Tang    

City of brotherly love is not pleased.

425 days ago


Gotta say, I detest racists and racism -- but if apologies count for anything, I thought this guy gave about the best one ever. It sounded sincere. If it was written by a lawyer, it's a lawyer I want to hire. If it was fake, then this guy has a career in acting. It was the precise opposite of Paula Deen's car wreck.

425 days ago


Guess that "apology" didn't save your ass. Next time, tough guy, you got something to say about/to a black guy SAY IT TO HIS FACE--and not when you have your posse to hide behind.

425 days ago


RILEY COOPER got to understand that only non-white people can be racist.

425 days ago


Why were black people at the Kenny Chesney concert? How many could it have been? 2? This would be more impressive if he said it at a Public Enemy concert

425 days ago


It's ok for blacks to use the n word but when any white says it the world must come to an end, the media hypes this kind of stuff up as news, and brain dead people fall for it.

425 days ago


All his teammates forgave him and they fined him. It is not even on Sportscenter anymore. He is doing this to try and save his endorsement dollars of which he will never get any ever again!

For the White people thinking he did nothing wrong, please understand they way he used that word was in a threatening manner towards a man that was trying to do his job!! Riley felt entitled because he plays football and the first thing he thought of to attack a person was based on race. That tells me what kind of person he is. I could care less about this story because I am sure his redneck butt used it all the time growing up. It is what it is.

425 days ago
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