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50 Cent

Domestic Violence Case

Turn in Your Guns

8/5/2013 7:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

50 Cent has just pled not guilty to domestic violence charges -- after allegedly attacking his baby mama in her home in June -- but a judge still ordered him to stay the hell away from her ... and TURN IN ALL HIS GUNS.

According to the protective order, 50 is also prohibited from contacting model Daphne Joy -- the alleged mother of his second child -- in any way. He must stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times.

And this is interesting -- on his way out of L.A. court Monday morning, a process server hit 50 with a stack of legal papers. The process server told us the docs were related to this case.

We broke the story ... Fiddy was charged with domestic violence after he allegedly kicked Joy and then destroyed a bunch of property in her L.A. condo.

During the rampage, officials say the 38-year-old rapper broke chandeliers, furniture, a TV and a lamp -- and allegedly ransacked the bedroom closet.

Joy told investigators 50 is the father of her child -- though 50 has never publicly acknowledged fathering a child with Joy.

50 is due back in court next month.



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Many states have laws which require the surrender of firearms when accused of domestic abuse.

California takes it a bit further and has an entire agency of SWAT-style officers who do nothing but run around raiding homes and confiscating legally purchased firearms from people deemed unfit by the court to own firearms.

There is a strong push in states which have legalized medical marijuana, to ban medical marijuana users from owning firearms and according to the federal government, (that'd be Obama, y'all), it IS ALREADY illegal for a medical marijuana user to own a firearm.

We live in frightening times, boys and girls.

410 days ago


They did not have a baby. The papers are probably for restraining order

410 days ago


If there was a baby she would be flashing him or her by now.

410 days ago


Money hungry tramp! You knew he was abusive from day one. For crying out loud, he beat his first child's mother and burned her house down. Get with the program trick. You knew you eventually get manhandled.

410 days ago


Process Server was just trying to be on tv! He could have served those papers to the attorney!

410 days ago


He looks tall next to the lawyer, what's his height?

410 days ago

Roman Moroni    

I think Curtis Jackson needs to dump this lawyer & get John Burris to do it right

410 days ago

Rufus J washingtin    

Fiddy aint do what dem say he do - gib he back he guns - rassiss wite ciops wut dis be bout! Tupac foeva - gib it up ta B.I.g. - giv fiddy he guns back! Rememba tray!

410 days ago


I can't say that I know what Mr. Cent did or didn't do. But I feel the need to say this. A lot of these women say they like the thug types. Well, if you are out here chasing thugs you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. A real thug is not a nice guy and he will screw over his women the same way he does the men he deals with. And don't be blinded by money either. You can give thugs all the money in the World and they will still be what they truly are.....thugs. I think the thug mentality only gets worse when money is involved. They know they can buy their way out of things.

410 days ago


Should've worn a condom.

410 days ago


He has been shot before and many brushes with the law. How the F does this PUNK have a licnse for guns?

410 days ago


He can't close his mouth, teeth too big. He is annoying. Come out already.

410 days ago


Idk if he can fit his big head in the court room. Maybe if he deflated his ego, he would stop getting into trouble.

410 days ago


Money, power, n women means jail time. Really 50!

410 days ago


Wax he up in DA club

410 days ago
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