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Lindsay Lohan

Bails On EuroTrip

... Thanks to Oprah

8/5/2013 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

just spoke about her talk with Lindsay on "Good Morning America." Oprah said she warned Lindsay not to go to Europe because "it's very hard to not go to Capri and not have a Bellini."


Lindsay Lohan
will NOT be going to Europe for a 3-week vacation like she planned ... because Oprah convinced Lindsay she'd relapse if she went, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay booked a one-way ticket to Europe while she was still in treatment, planning to reward her successful rehab stint with a lengthy vacation in the Old World.

Lindsay's flight was scheduled to take off tonight in New York -- with no return date set -- but sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress just pulled the plug on the trip.

We're told Oprah -- who struck a deal with Lindsay to do a post-rehab docuseries later this month -- told Lindsay she should avoid the vacation so soon after rehab because the temptation to relapse would be too great.

We're told Oprah called Lindsay multiple times over the past 24 hours to convince her to stay put ... and Lindsay bought it, believing she needs to focus on her sobriety right now -- not jetsetting around the world. Impressive.

Also, Oprah was out signing autographs today and talked about her time with LiLo ...


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No disrespect--but I will not watch Chelsea barfbag. The footage I watched on Drunken Stepfather was in homage of giving the big FU to seeing her by paying a dime...but, it seems there is a need to enjoin the ever-popular critique that she is not a good actress. It is that watch her on a show that is mediocre at best would be to further, after years of understanding seek what one already knows which is that puffer-duck has no talent.

443 days ago


am I the only one witnessing a tragedy---all jokes aside. I guess when you are a POS human being for that many years...people think it is cool to sell you as you are dying

443 days ago


@BEAR & FARTS. We have all been "witnessing" this tragedy of a woman's raging untreated mental illness for years. It's human nature that we find her emotional instability so riveting. The "thing" that SCHRADER and others have said that Crackie possesses has been described over the years as "living on the edge" , "a certain vulnerability" or "emotionally fragility" that is easily captured on film. What they really are talking about is her mental illness not her acting talent. Now some of these producers/directors can rationalize their "helping" her out by giving her these roles. But the truth is they are exploiting her for money. To sign a drug addled woman with a raging untreated mental illness-and thus someone not capable of making a rational decision-is inexcusable. Just as it's inexcusable for her "mother" to turn a blind eye to her daughter's illness to line her own pocket. I'm not saying Crackie is not a fault. Because she is-not for the fact that she's mentally ill-but for the fact that she has been told she was in a detoxed state by UCLA doctors whose only motives were for her to get better. Hopefully ORCAH is keeping a tight leash on Crackie and making sure she keeps her psychotherapy up. Otherwise, this will end badly. She's already fvcking men for money and doing porn-with DINA'S approval. I can't even imagine anything worse than she's already done.

443 days ago


The Lohan con is back on.

Lohan being so bad on SNL and they got some ratings. Nothing to write home about. That hasn't happened since.

All Lohan has continued to do since her SNL bomb, is still be a demanding no talent nightmare drunk, druggie and thief that nobody likes and want's to work with.

Just like Liz and Dick, Lohan was cheap. The Canyons had a budget of a whopping 250k. Over 16 producers, hopes that video on demand sales will get big profits. Lohan is one of those 'producers' that get's a piece of the sales.

Now it's Winfreys turn. Lohan needs her drug and party money.

443 days ago


If that is not a banged up size 12 ---than I am a monkey's uncle...a size 12 is healthy if you get exercise and eat right and no drugs or excessive drinking---clearly this is not the case. She's not had children or lived as an invalid or in poverty. She is a 27 year old size 12---at this rate she will become obese by 35

443 days ago


Where is this Lohan person getting all her money for these lavish trips, and stuff?

443 days ago



443 days ago


Lindsay Lohan knows how to play the game. Lohan needs money. She's had years of practice of playing the poor little woe is me victim and blaming everyone else. Lindsay Lohan is the Lohan con set up.

This is the Lohan con. Lindsay screws up get's caught blames mommy and daddy for her screwing up. Mommy and Daddy go on every 'PAYING' talk shows or whatever pays blaming each other for Lindsay screwing up. Worked for years and made a bunch of money. The money is gone.

Nothing has changed, now it's Winfrey paying whatever money.

443 days ago


Lohan's sober coach has been identified as Johnny Walker .........

443 days ago


Lohans probation complience is still in California. All Judge Dabney did was allow Lohan to do her 3 times per week shrink for 15 months and her 30 days labor community service in NY. That's it.

Lohans forced 90 day rehab is just 1 part of her probation.

443 days ago


@zone...right after her 1 way ticket to Venice booked in rehab for her 3 week vacation that Ophra Winfrey talked her out of.

443 days ago


If Oprah can keep LL sober, she might just have higher powers.
So far the stories from LL's rehab have proved false. Moving to the mid west, going to London, staying longer. Is there anything truthful about Lohans?

443 days ago


Looks like Oprah's next on the Lohan blame game.

443 days ago


Why does everybody feel sorry for her!?..and try to help her?!'s hopeless!..Oprah!..wake up!..lady!..

443 days ago


Looks like kris kardashian loaned dina that book "how to scam, and screw people over"

443 days ago
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