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Lindsay Lohan

Bails On EuroTrip

... Thanks to Oprah

8/5/2013 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

just spoke about her talk with Lindsay on "Good Morning America." Oprah said she warned Lindsay not to go to Europe because "it's very hard to not go to Capri and not have a Bellini."


Lindsay Lohan
will NOT be going to Europe for a 3-week vacation like she planned ... because Oprah convinced Lindsay she'd relapse if she went, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay booked a one-way ticket to Europe while she was still in treatment, planning to reward her successful rehab stint with a lengthy vacation in the Old World.

Lindsay's flight was scheduled to take off tonight in New York -- with no return date set -- but sources close to Lindsay tell us, the actress just pulled the plug on the trip.

We're told Oprah -- who struck a deal with Lindsay to do a post-rehab docuseries later this month -- told Lindsay she should avoid the vacation so soon after rehab because the temptation to relapse would be too great.

We're told Oprah called Lindsay multiple times over the past 24 hours to convince her to stay put ... and Lindsay bought it, believing she needs to focus on her sobriety right now -- not jetsetting around the world. Impressive.

Also, Oprah was out signing autographs today and talked about her time with LiLo ...


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Lohan is 27 and has been z-list. It's really bad when Lohan has been referred to the the Mean Girls actress for years. That movie was ok but made over 10 years ago.

Now it's the canyons joke.

Just look at Lohan in the last 2 years...boasting and bragging about her comeback and all the same bullshyt she still pulling today.

Playboy tanked

Bombed on SNL live TV

Not that great on Glee

Liz & Dick flop

Anger Management NO

The Canyons another disaster

Despite whatever money she made, nothing close to making a comeback of any kind.

This is not even including all her crap she pulled on the sets. She hasn't changed one bit.

443 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Above Pic..............the ventriloquist and her dummy.

443 days ago


Back in August 2010 when Crackie was sprung early from UCLA, they determined not only that she did not have ADHD and thus did not need her precious adderall, but she also needed intensive outpatient treatment for an undisclosed MENTAL ILLNESS. Their recommendations to the court at the time was for her to have 5 PSYCHOTHERAPY SESSONS and 2 BEHAVIORAL THERAPY SESSIONS per week in addition to her 5 12 step sessions and 7 sobriety counseling phone calls. Judge Fox so ordered it and TMZ posted that she not only was "misdiagnosed" with ADHD but also had a "personality disorder. Talk about a tight leash. So what does she do for the gift of early discharge from UCLA? She tests dirty for cocaine and adderall less than 3 weeks later and Judge Fox subsequently ordered her to stay at Betty Ford until Jan. 2011. So she's KNOWN she has a formally diagnosed mental illness at least since that time. And she's has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it except to continue to take her adderall and spiral further out of control. Now Cliffside has told the court that she needs 3 psychotherapy sessions a week for the next 15 months to prevent yet another relapse. Almost 2 years later, Crackie is right back where she started from. So its simply not cutting out the "bad influences" that hold a gun to her head and make her drink/drug or have all alcohol removed from her immediate reach. It's called buckling down and working her arse off in therapy to treat the mental illness she self medicates for. She bolted 2 years ago and she will bolt now if she doesn't understand that. And there is nothing that ORCAH can do to save her. This is all on Crackie and her alone. And I just don't see Crackie doing this. Does anyone?

443 days ago

help this young woman    

Poor brainless haturds. Rumorfix and Daily Mail show Lindsay filming in NYC today. She had her sober coach, friend, camera and sound crew, director, assistant, and publicist there with her filming the docu-series. She was never going to Europe today. Paps must have been at JFK all day waiting.

443 days ago


oprah is as desperate for ratings for her tanking network, as lohan is predisposed to relapse.

443 days ago


Have a good night everybody. I guess Lindsay is back in New York. This may sound mean but it would be hilarious if one of the alleged rabid central park raccoons got her tonight.

443 days ago


This is TOTAL BS.

443 days ago


More like Oprah said...wanna be paid b!tch? Cuz you won't be paid if you are in Europe...I ya boss now and I don't play

443 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

You wait and see.........Blohole will become Dope-rah's cleaning lady.

443 days ago


Well, they just wrapped filming the "Lindsay Looks For A One Bedroom Brothel" episode.

Tomorrow filming is set to begin at 6:00 am when Oprah tries to wake an unresponsive Lohan. Filming is expected to wrap at 6:30am once the EMT's leave.

443 days ago


Helpless, what time was the donkey show? I heard one scene as her picking up hub caps with her anus while the standard poodle stops the bleeding in the green snail in the front.

443 days ago


Oprah hide your perfume and back after shave..lielo would drink anything..she would lick spilt vodka off a pitbulls nuts

443 days ago


Any east coasters see Lately yet??

443 days ago


The only reason why Lohan still has any attention has always been what she's been able to get away with legally. Certinly not for her acting.

If that was you or me or just about anyone else we sure as hell would have our butts in jail overcrowded or not and for alot less. We wouldn't get chance after chance after chance.

Granted, she's had the money to make a joke of the court and laugh her butt off time and time again. Thanks to Shawn Holley.

Lohan has been on some kind of probation since 2007 and this current probation is another 15 months.

Along with this and her so called comebacks that's not going to happen and all of her 'I really mean it this time' joke, that's her attention.

443 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Maybe Oprah and Lindsay could make a porn movie set in the Old South. Just trying to be funny.

443 days ago
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