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Usher's Son

First Photo

After Horrific Pool Accident

8/8/2013 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife is clearly trying to prove a point ... she's a caring mother who deserves custody of their sons -- after the eldest nearly drowned this week -- and this photo tells the story.

Tameka Raymond posted the photo today, the first pic of 5-year-old Usher Raymond V since the horrific accident on Monday ... and it paints a picture of motherly love and protection. Tameka's arms are wrapped around her son, and he's surrounded by get-well-soon balloons.

It's a subtle dig at Usher ... who is noticeably absent.

As we reported, Tameka is blaming Usher for the pool accident, claiming he isn't an attentive father -- despite having primary custody of their two boys -- and she's already filed legal docs attempting to get custody back.


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I'd fight like hell too.

443 days ago


If an accident is grounds for losing custody then a lot of parents would lose their children at some point.

443 days ago


Just because he didn't post a publicity photo with his son doesn't mean he hasn't been there. Some family moments should be private.

443 days ago


Its a low "mother" who would stage a photo opp of her own recovering son to take a jab at an ex. WHY would any decent parent allow a child to be a public pawn in their hate games is just plain evil.

443 days ago


Sorry-I don't understand, what are we looking at? Is it splitscreen?

443 days ago


This from the brainchild of 'Kangazoom' - a kids play gym where the possibilities for bodily harm are endless. Gee I wonder why parents didn't take their kids there and it failed.

443 days ago


TMZ- Bullsh!t!! This picture is not a dig a Usher as you put it. It is simply a mother holding onto her child. As far as you know, Usher could have been in the next room or somewhere in the hospital, yet you try to embellish the story with nontruths and make it seem as if Usher doesn't care. What a piece of crap reporting this is. And who did you pay for this picture? Pretty sure it wasn't from the person you are trying very hard to discredit.

443 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Old story being kept alive by a bitter woman who wants more of Ushers money.
At least Harvey is helping to keep he in drugs and booze.

443 days ago


She should be fightibg for custody for ALL her kids not just the two that has the rich father...

443 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So did she recognize her son, or did some one have to point out which one he was.
BTW, didn't she drown one of her other sons? Just throwing that out there.

443 days ago

The Executives Wife    

I guess I just don't know enough about this lady to really say too much. She has been thru a lot. But I don't understand how he could get full custody when he travels so much. Do the boys come along? Stay at home with family members? What has this lady don'e to not have joint custody of her kids? I'm just curious.

443 days ago

The Real JJ    

She just trying to get paid by posing for pics. Pathetic

443 days ago


I know Usher is the famous parent, but this is Tameka's son too. You keep referring to him only as Usher's son. Tameka has lost one son to a tragic accident in the water so naturally her behavior is gonna be over the top and extra protective. And if I remember correctly, Usher didn't seem to show a whole lot of compassion to Tameka when her son died and she was trying to delay the custody hearing for her two sons with Usher. Usher and his attorney's urged the court not to delay the hearing and he won primary custody of their sons. I believe his fame worked in his favor. Tameka came close to losing a second child and I think she deserves some sympathy at this trying time, not just Usher.

443 days ago


Unfortunately accidents happen to kids.... no parent can be there 100% of the time.
This picture that she posted actually tells me she's a horrible mom for using her kid as a pawn in her chess game with Usher. I hope the judge sees the same thing.
All adults need to stop using kids against the other parent just because they have adult issues.

I hope this attempt by her backfires.

443 days ago


Way to exploit your child for personal gain.

443 days ago
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