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Usher's Ex-Wife to Aunt

Say It To My Face!!!

How'd My Son Nearly Die On Your Watch?

8/9/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's ex-wife has one serious question before her emergency custody hearing today -- how the hell is it possible to let a 5-year-old nearly drown if you're supposed to be babysitting him? -- and only Usher's aunt can answer it ... but she's nowhere to be found.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ, Tameka Raymond attempted to serve Usher's aunt Rena with a subpoena to testify at the custody hearing today -- where Tameka will argue she deserves primary custody of her and Usher's two sons -- but Rena couldn't be tracked down.

We're told Tameka wanted Rena at the hearing so her lawyers could ask about what led up to the near-drowning of her 5-year-old son on Monday ... when Rena was supposed to be watching him ... but without the subpoena, Rena doesn't have to show up.

Even without Rena, however, Tameka has plenty of ammo to fight for custody -- and we're told her biggest weapon is that there was no drain cover on the pool the day Usher Raymond V nearly drowned.

As we reported, the 5-year-old got his arm caught in the drain and nearby contractors had to dive in to save him. Rena called 911.

Usher currently has primary custody of the ex-couple's two sons ... but Tameka hopes to change that today.



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Usher's Ex-Wife to Aunt Say It To My Face!!!
How'd My Son Nearly Die On Your Watch?.......................Tameka Raymond WILL Nail Usher Hard in Court, Get that $$$$$$$$ Girl !

437 days ago


The Drain cover is only a $75 fix, usher should have had it changed.

437 days ago


She should be fighting for cusody of ALL her kids not just two from the rich father cant cherry pick kids...

437 days ago


she ain't after the kids, she's after mad skrilla. get a job loser.

437 days ago


It is a very fair question to ask and the judge should put out a warrant for her testimony. What does Usher have to hide?

437 days ago


This piece of **** woman wants money. Period.

437 days ago


She might have a case, if it wasnt for the fact that she only wants custody so she gets child support checks. You're just making yourself look like a bigger fool Tameka. Who was responsible for watching your first son when he actually did die?

437 days ago


She going to Court to fight for custody of her child support.

437 days ago


And how much did she get paid for exploiting him in the photo she put out to the media of her holding him in the hospital like mother theresa? You would think she would be more concerned about him than snapping pics for the tabloids. She looks like the money hungry whore shes always been.....

437 days ago


One could ask her the very same question about Kyle.

437 days ago


I don't understand Tameka. What is going thru her head. One of her kids DIED last year in a water related accident. She doesn't have custody nor sued for custody of the sibling of the deceased child. She is posting or selling pics of her kid who is in the hospital. This was obviously an accident . She really seems like she is only after his money since she is broke. Sad situation.

437 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Tameka's primary problem is she seems incapable of appropriate behavior. She has always put her personal business on Twitter. She didn't fight for the custody of her sons by her first husband at any time. Not even after the death of Kyle. She posted a picture of her convalescing 5 year old on the internet. And now she is clearly selling stories to TMZ. The aunt dove in to save the child. A house staffer dove in to save the child. The contractors dove in to save the child. Even with all that the child was only under water for two minutes. That leads me to believe the aunt was right there with him. There is no neglect here. It was an accident. She needs counselling or re-parenting or something so that she can learn appropriate behavior. She is not ready to parent any child.

437 days ago


She mad bcuz usher don't want her anymore

437 days ago


What are you sure she want custody of her kids? I thought she was in court to ask for joint custody of his $$$.

437 days ago


Really, Tameka? Please rally all of the parents of the children who are victims of pool drain accidents/deaths, all 68 + of them that have been reported, allow them to tell this whackadoo how their children were injured/died while some of them were even holding them in their arms. Educate this whackadoo on how pool drain covers can be kicked off and even removed before the motor kicks in and the suction can grab an innocent child. The Aunt SAVED your son's life, so did the others. Get your priorities straight, damn.

437 days ago
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