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Usher's Son

Hero Speaks Out

'Thank God I Was There'

8/13/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who saved Usher's 5-year-old son from drowning has the humble hero thing down pat -- telling TMZ it was all just part of his job ... which was really supposed to be installing a new home studio ... TMZ has learned.

Eugene Stachurski was installing pro recording equipment in Usher's basement last Monday (with fellow audio/visual contractor Ben Crews) when Usher Raymond V's arm got trapped in the pool's drain -- and he tells us, "I thank God I was there to do something."

Stachurski and Crews both dove into the pool to save the boy and Stachurski performed CPR, while Usher's aunt called 911. Before the ambulance arrived, Usher V was breathing fine.

Stachurski says he's overjoyed Usher's son survived and he hopes to see him again soon.

The man's extremely dedicated to his job too -- after Stachurski helped save Usher V's life, he says he finished up the A/V installation in the basement ... like nothing happened.

For the record, Usher (the singer) has already publicly thanked Stachurski and Crews. Stachurski tells us Usher thanked him privately as well. Nice.


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Thank God this man was at the right place at the right time to save Usher's son. Refreshing to read a feel good story. Also glad to see picture of the hero.

435 days ago

BB not bb    

Maybe Usher could throw him some money also as a reward. This guy looks obese and it probably took all of his strength to get to the boy and yank him out of the drain. I wonder why the aunt let the boy do something like that. I am suspicious of her also. I wonder why the mother does not have more rights to this boy.

I don't think the aunt is a good guardian. She should probably not be left alone with that boy. He thanks God he was there to do something because he knows that the aunt would have done nothing. Some people are just toxic and evil and like to see the innocent suffer.

435 days ago


Too bad no thanks from the mother .......

435 days ago


Accidents happen...maybe something good will come out this tragic accident...The hug in court wss a good start, the mum lost a son, so give them both a break.....lets hope a friendship can be made for the sake of the children

435 days ago


He is a REAL hero and deserves a lot of $ as thank you.

435 days ago

miss b    

Replace the main drain anti-vortex cover at the bottom of your pool ,it cost all of $15.95.

That goes for anybody with a swimming pool
Check & Replace your main drain cover,every year
several children needlessly drown because of a
simple lack of pool maintenance.

Your child might not be as lucky as 5-year-old Usher Raymond V.

435 days ago


Ur yeah I should think he did thank him privately it would be pretty shameful if he didnt. I dont think the guy did anything any normal person wouldnt do in the cir***stances but he was still the one who did it and should be thanked properly.

435 days ago

News Flash     

Cheers to the Polish man! I don't believe that he would expect money for rescuing a child. Polish people are just awesome!

435 days ago

News Flash     

These drains have trapped a lot of children. It is not the fault of Ushers Aunt. It's ridiculous to call her incompetent because of an accident.

435 days ago


we need to see a photo of this drain thing, i mean what kind of drain traps a kids arm ? scary pool drain design or what ?

435 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh so the aunt had nothing to do with it. Not only was she not aware of what they kid was doing at the time, she didn't jump in and try to rescue him or even get the pool net and try to knock him loose somehow. I guess she just stood there screaming. It was a blessing that there were those random workers in the basement who had to drop what they were doing and run out and save the kid.

If this lady can't swim, she shouldn't have let the boy in the pool to begin with. I agree with Usher's wife that there is something wrong with her.

435 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh and if someone turns in a wallet, there is usually a reward. If someone finds a lost cat or dog, there is a reward. This is coming from just ordinary poor people. Then you have this guy who is a mega millionaire with some poor laborers installing wires in his basement who have to run all the way outside and dive under water and perform mouth to mouth to save his kid. I think he could throw them a few bucks, I really do.

If he gave the one guy $100,000 and the other guy $50,000, I think that would be cool.

435 days ago


Hey! Al Sharpton! What you got to say about this?

435 days ago


I'd buy the guy a house and feel good about it.

435 days ago


Now that Usher has thanked the man who saved his kid's life (wow, Usher from the voice spoke to a commoner?!) why doesn't the he pay songwriter Ernest Lee Straughter for the song he stole from him?

435 days ago
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