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Debbie Rowe

Cries About Paris Jackson

... She's a Shell of a Person

8/15/2013 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Paris Jackson lost her soul when her father died ... so said Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe on the stand today, breaking down into tears.

Debbie was testifying for AEG in the wrongful death lawsuit Thursday, when the subject turned to MJ's 15-year-old daughter and her recent suicide attempt.

Debbie said she had been in touch with Paris every day until June 5, when paramedics were called to the Jackson mansion in Calabasas after Paris downed a bunch of Motrin and cut herself with a butcher's knife.

Debbie said Paris had been "devastated" by her father's death and that's what caused the suicide attempt. Debbie added, "She tried to kill herself ... She has no life. She doesn't feel she has a life anymore."

Paris is currently at an undisclosed residential treatment center outside California.



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She needs Jesus.

400 days ago

mj fan forever    

We all knew that!!! Of course Paris is devastated, she adores her dad, and so are all of Michael Jackson's children, he was the most loving and caring father who loved and adored his children, and so them. Michael Jackson protected his children from all this trash, but now they are in the clutches of a bunch of leeches who did not hesitate to push them under the spotlights and to work, all over the media and the internet, exploiting them as they could. And certainly she is not better, she is in touch with Paris just like when she kept cutting herself and she pretended not to see. She was never interested in being a mother but was always interested in the money she could grab from Michael Jackson and now is around his children for the same thing. The only person who sincerely loved those children was their beloved father, all others love only the money, Michael Jackson knew that and always did his best to protect his children from the leeches like her, and for a very good reason.

400 days ago


I feel sympathy for Paris. RIch or not, famous family or not, she is a girl with some serious problems.

Does anyone else wonder what Debbie Rowe did with all the money she got for giving MJ those kids? Her outfits always look like they came from the $.25 bin at the Salvation Army.

400 days ago


Paris is just as gorgeous as her mom.

400 days ago


Poor little rich girl
I have zero sympathy.
Michael wasn't her father anyway
she needs to stop trying to take people for fools
she is not a Jackson
no one likes her because she is fake
white girl who says she is black
not a way to make friends

Boo hoo princess
why don't you ask mama who your real daddy was?
I hope the millions debbie got for selling her kids was worth it.

400 days ago


Sorry, Debbie Rowe, but Paris has never looked like a teen without a soul. I know the look as I've been there myself back in the eighties. Nice try, though. Hey, Harvey! What's up?!!

400 days ago


My heart really breaks for Paris Jackson.

400 days ago


I'm so sick of this cow whining and crying about poor Paris. Debbie Rowe sold her kids to a pedophile. Michael Jackson's friends were all low lifes and criminals. And Debbie is one of the worst. Making money by selling her kids to a child molester. Arnie Klein was shooting MJ up with drugs. For a man as talented as MJ was, his life was a pathetic, drug filled mess. And who was to blame for it all? Michael Joseph Jackson. MJ chose to molest boys and MJ chose to do drugs and MJ chose to surround himself with these pathetic, crooked, people. And now he's dead.

400 days ago


Cry all you want Debbie but you're the one who basically sold your uterus to a crazy man and spawned at least two of these children (is that right? the two older ones? IDK).

The best hope these kids have is... I don't know. Divine intervention from God himself? Their lives are screwed and have been since the first day of it. It's terribly sad. MJ should have known... his life was a wreck from childhood too. Why did he bring these kids into this mess of a life and the horror that is the Jackson family?

400 days ago


Well that's what you get when you have shell of a mother who sold you to a freak like you were a condo in Boca. Ultimately Paris' issues are your doing Debbie.

400 days ago


Is anyone else sick of the TMZ New York Tour popping up in multiples every time you are on It's so annoying.

400 days ago


I think Paris is crying because she fears she will eventually look like either Debbie Rowe or Arnie Kline. The oldest brother dodged the pasty skinned doughy look.

400 days ago


Sad situation. Hopefully the therapy will get her self destructive thoughts under control. She is lucky to have good doctors and a Mom who seems to care again. For someone who was thrown in to the limelight as a infant.Forced to grow up in one of the most dysfunctional family's ever. She has had to deal with inefficient/ inconsistent parenting. My two cents .... Paris Please go back to school, Graduate from college wait to get a boyfriend until after graduation. Talk to your mom everyday. Go back to cheer leading join the debate team get involved in the marching band and theater class production. Get a drivers license don't ever drink alcohol or do any drugs.Volunteer at a homeless pet shelter one day a week until after graduation . This could be my redneck small town cure all. Good luck

400 days ago


Could be cuz she had you and Mikey as parents??

400 days ago

the truwth    

Debbie was present in the life of Michael Jackson from 1982 - 1997, in which time she saw him being given Demerol numerous times. She described her own actions and Diprivan while on tour with him. She told of told of on the HIStory tour Michael being given Propofol for sleep in a hotel room in Germany.

He already had a children and Debbie testified she told Grace to keep Michael away from the children when he was off his head.

Randy and a number of doctors testified of numerous occasions from 2000 of Jackson being off his head and interventions going nowhere. His children were in the house while Dr Murray nightly gave Jackson Propofol.

While Debbie had nothing to do with her children for a reported $8m. Feeling bad about it now and pointing the finger at others is all these morons seem able to do.

400 days ago
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