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Double Stuf Oreo

Allegations of


8/21/2013 6:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A high school math class is calling BS on claims that "Double Stuf Oreos" have twice the amount of creme ... saying consumers are getting screwed out of 7% of the double creaminess they were promised.

It was all part of a class project in Upstate NY, assigned by a suspicious cookie-obsessed “Consumer Math” instructor. The class did intense testing on 10 Oreos and determined that Double Stuf Oreos were only 1.86 times larger than the regular ones. The same experiment revealed that Mega Stuf Oreos (allegedly 3-times the normal Oreo) were only 2.68 times larger.

Nabisco – the company behind the cookie – says the situation isn’t as black and white as it seems … claiming the math class is WRONG and insisting Double Stufs do indeed contain twice the crème filling.

We tried to conduct our own independent testing … but got hungry and ate all the cookies.

TMZ – we’re not scientists.


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My God! Can you people spell?

431 days ago


This sounds like a pot heads dream homework project.

431 days ago

Bob DaMahn    

Whoever thought to do the study/math on this was high and should have just eaten the cookies instead of coming up with this crap!

431 days ago

BB not bb    

Who cares? That filling will give you a heart attack. it is full of hydrogenated trans fat. You want less of that, not more. So they have a little less than advertised, do they want their money back or something?

I guess it is maybe a way to teach math, but they should teach some common sense also. Why don't they teach how the national debt can never be repaid at current production levels? Why don't they teach how abortions are wiping out the American citizenry? Those are math problems also.

If they want to get into politics involving math, harassing a cookie company for not having enough creme in their cookies is kind of stupid.

431 days ago


Double Stuf Oreos were only 1.86 times larger than the regular ones. Mega Stuf Oreos (allegedly 3-times the normal Oreo) were only 2.68 times larger.........................THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH BECAUSE THE DOUBLE OREO DOESN'T COST DOUBLE AND THE TRIPLE OREO DOESN'T COST TRIPLE THE PRICE...

431 days ago


You're not graduates of HS English either.

431 days ago


They saved you about 100 calories.

431 days ago

Wow ...    

Great teacher, he/she got the students interested in learning. I love it!

431 days ago


My how school has changed. I wish we were able 'test' cookies and call it work where I went to school.

431 days ago


really? this is news TMZ?? wow. just wow.

431 days ago

john talone    

Really,a Class Project,school already started,when I went to school,school,didn't start till after Labor Day.

431 days ago


Do you think that maybe a small percent of the icing is getting absorbed into the cookie, making the appearance that there is really less?

431 days ago


I don't know about Oreos SPECIFICALLY,...but if you read the bags/boxes on a LOT of the mass produced/preservative-containing "goodies", you'll see a little disclaimer that says (something to the effect of) "some settling of this product may occur". Translation?? As it sits on the shelf of the store, the PRESERVATIVE(S) may actually contributed to a SUBTLE/SLIGHT degradation of the product(s). Further translation?? If a product is advertised as (example) 14 oz., may wind up with 13.2 oz. by the time you crack open that bag.

IMO, harm, no foul by Nabisco. Just another "attention0-seeking whore", looking for a relatively "CHEAP" way to obtain their 3 minutes of "fame"/infamy".

431 days ago


I can't wait til ASHLEY reads this story and blames it on the white American male.

431 days ago


Double the filling - double the caner.

431 days ago
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