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Kanye West Sued

Photog Says Rapper

Put Him on Crutches

8/21/2013 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kanye West left an innocent photog in crutches after a brutal assault at LAX last month -- when Kanye attempted to wrestle away the pap's camera -- so says the photog himself, and now he's filed a lawsuit against the rapper.

Daniel Ramos appeared with his lawyer Gloria Allred at a news conference Wednesday, where Gloria announced the lawsuit for assault, battery, and interference with Daniel's civil rights (in this case free speech).

Daniel -- who called himself a "filmmaker" -- says he spent two weeks on crutches after the attack, and has been walking with a cane for some time. He says he's still in pain.

Gloria argued the attack sets a dangerous precedent for celebrity-on-photog violence, especially now that various celebs are actually celebrating unprovoked attacks on photogs.

At one point, Gloria went after Kirstie Alley, Cher, and even Kylie Jenner for applauding Kanye's attack on Twitter.

Gloria says she's also asking the court to issue a restraining order against Kanye.

Ramos is suing for unspecified damages.


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Kanye is an angry dude. What the "h_ll" does Kim see in him. Is she going to tame him? He should have kept walking. Violence isn't the answer Kanye. You're a nobody!!!!!

390 days ago


How would any of you like if people constantly were badgering you about your personal life, asking rude and intrusive question? You probably wouldn't. Besides, Kanye didn't even harm the pap besides making him flop like a bitch.

390 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

I'll take Gloria over Kanye anyday. Kanyes a headcase you never know when this entitled creature will go off. He needs a reality check too bad he's not a real Rapper then we can hope for him getting shot.

390 days ago


Wow, Kristie Alley and Cher thanking dummy for attacking someone... when was the last time America was interested in those two? When they were at a party? They just had their pic taken and when they blew up into a hippo! No one has a right to assault someone for taking a pic. Dummies!

390 days ago


Kirstie Alley is not making that cult look any better by praising someone for causing bodily harm to another. Both her and Cher are lucky they became famous. Losers stick up for other losers.

390 days ago

Pacey Lou    

Oh please, you're luck Kanye didn't really **** you up like he should have.

390 days ago


West is nothing more than an angry, out of control, violent, legend in his own mind, SHORT, mentally unstable, oh-Jesus (my bad, Yeezus LOL)-nobody-in-the-music-industry-respects-me,aging rapper, distasteful, arrogant, barf bag that if it wasn't for the money he;s made, he'd be locked up for his long history of assaulting people -- Kanye was given a pass back in 2007 for assaulting a TMZ employee and out of Harvey's humanness, (vomit-ye; barf-ye; upchuck-ye; retched-ye; puke-ye; toss cookies-ye; regurgitate-ye . . . ) didn't get charged with assault &, frankly, TMZ probably now, deep down, regrets the decision in light of all Vomit-ye's actions of late. Gloria Allred, for the first time, I was glad to see one of your press conferences because the general public needs protection from the Vomit-ye's of the celebrity world. What is also incredibly unfair, where's the charges from the district attorney's office? Vomit-ye was caught on tape assaulting a photographer for only talking to him (Oh Vomit-ye, how dare a photog speak to you after just a week earlier warning TMZ photog not to). Not charging West sends the very wrong message that if you are high profile & with money, you can get away with actions that are against the law and for the rest of us low profilers . . . you are sent straight to jail, no questions asked, processed through the justice system as if you were ordering a Happy Meal at McDonalds. Vomit-ye deserves punished both criminally and in civil court.

390 days ago


"Gloria says she's also asking the court to issue a restraining order against Kanye." Considering the paps are the ones who follow celebs, not the other way around, shouldn't Kanye get a restraining order against him?

390 days ago

Scott Claire    

Daniel who? Man-up, bitch! What a *****!

390 days ago


Gloria Alred is my new hero! Kaney West is an uneducated ungrateful thug exactly like all those other ungrateful celebrity hypocrites

390 days ago


When I see that someone has Gloria Allred as their lawyer, I always think the case must be BS!
Does she have credibility? Does she go to court? Win cases?
Seems to me she is just a photo op publicity hound.
I am not being sarcastic, I really would like to know if she is a respected lawyer?
Thank you.

390 days ago


Kno what else you cant get back cher? your looks. Its over. Nobody cares. Nobody wants your photo. Kristy ally too. Nobody wants your photo. Kanye? Nobody wants Kanyes photo. Lock him up judge please we dont want to see him.

390 days ago

Chanelle Rose    


390 days ago

Chanelle Rose    


390 days ago


Looks like Kirstie and Cher have alot of time on their hands.

390 days ago
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