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Chris Brown

Reppin' Bloods

In Hawaii

8/24/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0823-chris-grapffiti-launch-3_4Another brilliant move by Chris Brown -- the singer has affiliated himself with a dangerous street gang in L.A. called the Pirus (a subset of the Bloods) ... and he's bragging about it all the way to Hawaii.

Sources tell TMZ, Brown was in Honolulu Thursday, where he hired a guide to take him and his entourage around to places where they could legally spray paint.

Keeping it "legal" was responsible, but then Brown tagged up his signature monster artwork with the phrase "Fruits Piru," an apparent reference to the Fruit Town Piru gang ... next to the phrase, "F*** police."

Brown's even been claiming Piru on Twitter.  He's gotten so cocky, he called out Jay Z for not letting Beyonce collaborate with him, and bragging he's not worried about Mr. Z because he's got Blood ties.


Strange ... just last year Chris tweeted, "I'm no gangbanger! where im from we say cuz,blood, folk, woadie, homie, patna, its slang and ebonics! US KIDS USE THESE TERMS."

For the record, Brown's not doing anything illegal by giving a shoutout to a violent gang -- it doesn't even violate his probation.  It's just not smart for someone with his record. Really not smart.

But at least it helps explain Chris' red outfits and cars  ...



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Morticia Cowghoul    

What a moron. Let's hope they really give him the gangster treatment and take his dumb poser a$$ OUT! Plus his music SUCKS.

370 days ago


This idiot has a hard time to show the world what a gangsta he is. The painting thing looks a little infantile, but at least he's done something 'bad'...

370 days ago


Hahaha! Tmz is mad af becuz Chris dissed yall on twitter. This is so ridiculous, you guys always lookin for sh*t to write about Chris, it's almost funny. But remember: Chris keep u wack ass bullsh*t page PAID!

370 days ago

Jimmy Stink Finger    

I honestly HATE this ****er !

370 days ago


Tmz y'all mad because chris said he is y'all boss lol

370 days ago


How's your 1000 hours of community service going D bag ?

370 days ago

Scott Levy    

Damn, he's such a piece of garbage. I really hate that guy.

370 days ago


Thi"kid", it's a full grown, albeit ignorant, man. Grow the eff up and stop being such a little pu$$y Chris.

370 days ago


This guy is a punk. He needs a major beat down, but most of all he needs all of us that recognize he has no talent tand ignore his dumb life and the continuous dumb things he does.

370 days ago


HollywoodElite and Scot Levi.. first of all let me be clear to you. Its my decision who I support and who im defending. You guys only see the bad things about him, and I cant blame yall because thats what happens when some bullsh*t pages like this wack TmZ exist. I have my reasons to support Chris, and I love his music ok? And its funny how yall still talkin bout the case what happened 3years ago lol. Bringing up the past cuz u guys have nothin else? Ooh and also.. Chris and Rihanna were back together after he 'beated her face'. If SHE, the one who got beated, forgave him, who are YOU to judge him? Smh. Ignorant pple.

370 days ago


I guess it's true when they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, 'cuz I ain't seein' no beauty in Chris' work.

370 days ago


What is he expecting from people? With his attitude and crimes he commits, he needs to be in jail. That's where he wants to end up, by all means give it to him. Blames everybody else for his screw ups and never accepts responsibility. Prison and his gang proclivities will lead him straight to a casket. Never do I wish death on anyone, but Chrissy is asking for it.

370 days ago



370 days ago

Ozzie X    

Did he draw that with crayons? He is acting out. If he was in a life or death situation he would run to mommy.

370 days ago


Lol everyone is so upset! Let him make his own mistakes and suffer the consequenses. We change him or tell him how to live. And the opinion of a few haters that wouldn't be able afford his light bill is really irrelevant

370 days ago
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