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Chris Brown

Reppin' Bloods

In Hawaii

8/24/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0823-chris-grapffiti-launch-3_4Another brilliant move by Chris Brown -- the singer has affiliated himself with a dangerous street gang in L.A. called the Pirus (a subset of the Bloods) ... and he's bragging about it all the way to Hawaii.

Sources tell TMZ, Brown was in Honolulu Thursday, where he hired a guide to take him and his entourage around to places where they could legally spray paint.

Keeping it "legal" was responsible, but then Brown tagged up his signature monster artwork with the phrase "Fruits Piru," an apparent reference to the Fruit Town Piru gang ... next to the phrase, "F*** police."

Brown's even been claiming Piru on Twitter.  He's gotten so cocky, he called out Jay Z for not letting Beyonce collaborate with him, and bragging he's not worried about Mr. Z because he's got Blood ties.


Strange ... just last year Chris tweeted, "I'm no gangbanger! where im from we say cuz,blood, folk, woadie, homie, patna, its slang and ebonics! US KIDS USE THESE TERMS."

For the record, Brown's not doing anything illegal by giving a shoutout to a violent gang -- it doesn't even violate his probation.  It's just not smart for someone with his record. Really not smart.

But at least it helps explain Chris' red outfits and cars  ...



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His "Little Monsters" scribble is garbage haha

What a silly little toy, wanna-be gang-banger now! What a surprise.

I thought this talentless hack announced his retirement two-weeks ago?

Chris Brown, if you're reading this please jump off the nearest bridge so ears everywhere can celebrate.

Can't wait 'til your autopsy photo is leaked.

422 days ago


Just lost My respect

422 days ago


Here's an idea, let's give him another award. 'cause that's what we do with low life dirtbags, addicts, and whores these days. This society is going down the ****ter (toilet) - Jesus H. Christ. We tell people not to reward bad behavior in children, then WHY the funk do we do it to adults? Funking sheet show.

422 days ago


So are you fools still believing TMZ's lies and allegations? TMZ posts the most irrelevant **** to get rise and reactions out of stupid ****s like you all. All of you commenting negatively about Brown being stupid and a wanna be are the main ones holding a grudge against him from something he did in the past. People need to find and mind their own business, instead of worried about ANOTHER HUMANS life. He is obviously not striving to be perfect, so stop making it seem like he needs to be. TMZ brings out negative side of people and it's sad.

422 days ago


I give him another 2 years before he just plain disappears he's already a has been ... If he was smart he would've just been sincere in apologizing for what he did to Rihanna and then continue being clean cut, but instead he turned into a complete piece of trash saying the stupidest ignorant things and wonders why people still hate him... He makes it hard for anyone not to!

422 days ago


Self portrait?

422 days ago


He will never finish his community service. He is on a path of self destruction. I hope he is shunned by every venue. Crips? Gangstas? If you live by the sword you shall die by the sword. Sad.

422 days ago


Poor Beyonce. All she wants to do is be Mrs. Carter, a mom and an entertainer but these bully boys keep embarrassing her. She needs to pull some Super Bowl faces and tell these guys to sit down and shut-up.

422 days ago


Bragging about affiliations may be fun and make him feel powerful, but wait until it blows up in his face. I'm sure there are people out there who aren't very pleased with this.

422 days ago


Um, If this is really true aren't the real gang members going to be really pissed off? The last thing they want is attention. Once again Chris Brown proves what a hot tempered moron he really is.

422 days ago


uggg if he winds up shot or some other horrible gang related crime happens to him. i really better not hear any boohooing over his dumb A&* from any one. cause the first person that does it in front of me is going to get hit with a sack of dog poo

422 days ago


LOL Brown has no more street creed than Justin Bieber. The idiot should realize these real life thugs don't respect disney thugs like Brown but they sure don't mind letting the fool blow his money on them.

422 days ago


He's begging for the IRS and the DEA to look into his finances.

422 days ago


xoxxo Chris. We know that B steal from a lot of music artist . its a shame she dropped out of school and have no brains nor talent.

Chris B is talented , no questions asked.

422 days ago


Chris Brown & Rihanna were a couple in 2009. Has we know at times couples fight, some are verbal & sometimes things get physical. None of us know what problems they were having that lead up to this fight. We were not in the car to know what had transpired to this. She admitted that they were arguing, it was a fight not a beating. Since I was not there I can't say if he was right or wrong because we don't know what she did. Not all women are victims of domestic violence, some are the instigators. You think she's innocent but we don't know her personally. They were both wrong for letting the fight go out of hand. Just because a person gets into a fight does not make them abusive, were you there to know why he was angry? No. If he is SO abusive then were are his other victims? Rihanna told the police he had hit her before, yet on the 20/20 interview said he never did. You have a right to be angry for his actions but stop acting has if he never did anything. Abusive men show remorse to their girlfriend or wife, but don't do anything to change their ways. Chris turned himself in, he accepted responsibility, plead guilty, never blamed her or anyone else. I do recall him doing community services from 2009 -2010. How is it that the victim has forgiven him, moved on, & lives her care free life yet strangers have this anger? The only thing wrong he has done since 2009 was throw a chair & get mad at a valet. Those incidents have not involved Rihanna, since you don't like him it shouldn't be your concern or of knowledge anyhow. Half of you focus more on HIM instead of RIHANNA. Both of them have put the incident in the past, why do you guys still bring it up? It's not helping anyone. If your SO traumatized by this incident, see what you can do to help those who are victims of domestic violence, discuss violence prevention with those you love. They aren't the only ones to experience this nor did they start it. If your so angry at Chris, don't focus on him support Rihanna 100% & stop giving him the attention you don't think he deserves.

422 days ago
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