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Amanda Bynes

Stability Comes at a High Price

9/3/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes is ensconced at the UCLA Medical Center -- where she'll be for at least 60 days and worst case scenario a full year.  And guess what it costs ... $3,500 a day.

Sources involved with Amanda's treatment tell TMZ ... the cost is so high because it covers not just treatment, but living expenses as well.  To put this in perspective, you can get a deluxe executive suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in nearby Beverly Hills for $815 a night.

TMZ broke the story ... a judge ruled on Friday that doctors could keep Amanda on a long-term hold for up to a year, although the goal is 60 days ... after which she'd go home to her mom.

Now for some lump sums.  60 days at UCLA Med Center will cost $210,000.  A full year would cost $1,277,500.  As for Amanda's insurance, she's a member of SAG but we're told the policy will only cover a small portion of the cost.



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Why would they want to put her away for a year? Unless she is so medication non-compliant that they worry she won't stay on her meds. If she really has schizophrenia (which I doubt) they have injectable medications that last a month. If she has bipolar disorder she is probably at risk for relapse quickly if she goes off her meds. This makes so sense to me...a year????

414 days ago

all about the money    

Cost of health care is ridiculous. Has any one ever really looked at the cost breakdown for services? Does it really cost almost 500 dollars just to draw blood and another 1200-3000 to analyze it? Does the alcohol swab use 50 year old single malt whiskey or something? A1C really cost 5k to do? God forbid you have a real injury and go to emergency room (3k to 12k right there), X-rays another 3-5k, Nurse to take your temp will cost you another 1000-2000, the paper liner on the table...500-1k. Saw the pre-insurance bill for my wifes 3 day stay in a hospital and for that 3 day stay (nothing serious mind you) my insurance was billed just shy of 100k. Sure my out of pocket was a $300 dollar deductible but still people wonder why the government now has to "force" affordable insurance. Its the darn rates the medical industry charges for everything. Oh you have insurance... woot PAYDAY, do test a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i and sign up for study a, b, c, and d. Oh don't worry it will only cost you your 20 dollar co-pay meanwhile the insurance group gets a bill for 20-30k in "tests". I think Affordable healthcare starts with affordable billing. Maybe if medical billing didn't fleece the insurance companies health care would't be so expensive.

414 days ago


It may cost her half of her fortune, but at the rate she was spending it will save her money and her life. That's all good.

414 days ago


What's crazier? Her behavior or the medical costs? I'd say$3,500 / day is much more wacky than anything I've seen or heard of her doing, what a scam.

414 days ago


When she runs out of cash or insurance that's how they know shes better....

414 days ago


Ain't every white women in there 20's crazy deranged whores

414 days ago


No wonder you have so many bums on the streets probably suffering from some kind of mental disorder, they can't afford treatment. disgusting. Amanda shouldn't have to pay a cent because she isn't there by choice though I'm glad she's getting help. get better Amanda.

414 days ago

ipod shuffle    

Amanda Bynes reported wealth right now to be $4 million dollors. She hasn’t work since 2010, Amanda has blown through $1.2 million of her savings in less than a year. She has about $2.8 million or less. A full year of treatment at UCLA Med Center cost $1.277.500 based on TMZ, that equals $1.522.500 million dollors left. Will this treatment work?.. I don't think so, but I could be wrong. ^_^

414 days ago


She ought to be glad she can afford it. A lot of people with mental illness find themselves homeless and living on the streets.

414 days ago

Really? Nevermind,...    

Okay, I'm genuinely confused. Most of the Americans I spoke to said they were very much against a UK NHS style system when it was proposed. So Obama says ok, I'll make healthcare more affordable instead and that doesn't seem to be anymore popular. Yet the commentors on here think Amanda should get all her treatment for free, despite the fact that she is a public menace (admittedly only through very limited fault of her own) and has lots of money to pay for said treatment. I'm

414 days ago


Being that she has been forced to go there against her will there is no way Amanda should be responsible for the Bill. The Judge and her Mom who are the reason she is in UCLA should be the ones who pay the Bill. You can bet Amanda would be released (as she should be) in less then an hour if this were the case.

414 days ago


I'm thinking that judge has a brother who's a doctor there and needs some money. Quite frankly this should be illegal, forcing someone to pay that much money. If the state wants her in a mental health facility then they should pay for it. She definitely needs help but government sponsored fiscal rape is not the way to do it.

414 days ago


Well, i hope 60 days please!

414 days ago


At least she's getting help. As I see it she would have blown through all of her money had they not retained her. She needed help. Somebody if not herself was going to get hurt.

414 days ago


They will work out a plan, nothing cost that much.

414 days ago
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