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Aaryn Gries Prom Pics

Some of My Best Dates Are Black

9/6/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_aaryn_gries_prom_pictures_launch"Big Brother" contestant Aaryn Gries has taken lots of heat for her racist comments on the show ... but we have color photos showing a more tolerant side.

We got pics of Aaryn's big prom night in 2009, when she was a senior at Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Her prom date -- clearly visible in the photo -- is Mike Miller.  Mike -- who is BLACK -- was a starting tight end on the football team.

Mike tells TMZ Aaryn -- whom he dated for a few months -- makes bad jokes sometimes, but not "prejudiced or hateful."  He calls her sense of humor "smart-ass." 

Who knew ... she had a little black in her.



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She's really going to milk this for all it's worth, isn't she? With TMZ helping her, that is. Yawn.

409 days ago


Plantation owners used to rape there slaves, does this mean they wern't racist either?

409 days ago


PR working fast, huh?

409 days ago


My guess is that about all the examples of Aaryn's tolerance will be with men.. The issue on the show was that Aaryn was bigoted towards other women and gays. Yeah, she is tolerant of persons of the opposite sex no matter the color that have a potential sexual interest in her. Her racial comments were catty, bullying comments towards other women, Candice and Helen, and the gay houseguest Andy. She never said anything nasty towards Howard and got along with him. She just gave a superiority vibe towards non white females... and there were hints that some of her comments came from the thoughts of her father.

409 days ago


I guess these days white women are obligated to be with black men to prove they aren't racist

Funny how white men aren't obligated to be with black women for the same reason

409 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Only racists see everything as racist.... Charles!

409 days ago


this is not pr, she dated black guys...when will we as girls realize that we don't have to act racist to appeal to hateful brainwashing white American males?...i think aaryn got in over her head and felt that saying racist things would make her come across "bad a s s" ( which instead made her look stupid and childish) but this is a problem facing a lot of insecure girls who dated a racist (w.A.m) and feel that they have to hate to please the white guy they're dating.....if we as women say we are equal and strong, we shouldn't let a hateful man dictate or make us feel guilty for who we dated..............its so stupid.. if a guy cant respect you and respect others, you shouldn't be dating him anyway...we are not hateful by nature, but are taught to be...lets grow up and be strong, say no to hateful racist insecure men..girl power...!!

409 days ago


aww tmz you are making the mob mad.this is throwing a wrench into their " she is racist" screams.

409 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Got a question. has anyone sat with a friend of another race had a few drinks and told all the racist jokes you've ever heard and could remember with each other laughing and having fun, trying to see who could remember the worst or funniest? Does that make them racist? Or did they move beyond racism and since you think their racist and take offence your actually the one that's racist.

409 days ago


White American males are hateful, evil, not to mention just lame... dating them will make you morph into their hateful bitter guys who bring a better perspective, humanity and love.. dont follow a dumb follower, dump guys (or dont even date guys) who are insecure and who's only sense of humor involves hating, hurting, and calling others names...a man that will love you and truly bring you happiness in the long run will demonstrate it in how he treats others...

409 days ago


This makes perfect sense. Remember she never had a direct issue with the black guy on the house just Candice. Show me a pic of Aaryn hanging with a black woman then I will take her ' jokes' has 'smart ass' humor. This is very typical of whites who date black guys anyhow... They tend to be even more ignorant and racist. Ignorance is ignorance and doesn't disappear just because you love sucking off a black guy

409 days ago


Mike Miller is HOT!

409 days ago


just to add for those talking about Aaryn's comments being "racist jokes", the comments from Aaryn most of the time were very mean spirited and dead serious. This was no racial buddy humor. The incident with Aaryn and Ginamarie was just an awful display of racial intimidation aggressiveness, and both really should have been booted at that point. If Candice had reacted violently as a lot of people would have in that situation, she gets kicked out but those two idiots would stay? Now, that would have been a PR nightmare for CBS, more so than the situation with BB15 now.

409 days ago


Some advices for the involved dumbazz Michelangelo "artists" here:
1. the "red eye" thingy, take care that the highlight is exactly in the middle of the pupil
2. also diamond earrings cast shadows
3. if the persons on the pic look right into the cam, that also means, the flashlight is just in front of them, both persons must cast shadow in the same (mirrored) angle
4. If you draw a Jar Jar Abrams flashlight reflection in the background, and a reflection of that on the guys neck, make sure that there is NO lens flare above the guys jacket, because camera lenses for that distance produce no lens flares like this
5. If you cut out the tulips, make sure that there is small amount of shadow on both sides of the object...


Next try, you idiots!

409 days ago


looks mexican. or samoan. or something.

409 days ago
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