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Lamar Odom

So Bad ... Crack Dealer Cut Him Off

9/7/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's crack cocaine addiction had reached such dangerous levels ... even his dealer thought the NBA star had gone over the edge, and cut off his supply last week, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the dealer tell us, the crack slinger had delivered the drug to Lamar all summer, but last week, Lamar was insatiable ... calling incessantly and demanding more and more crack.   His go-to dealer apparently got scared enough to cut Lamar off.

No surprise ... the dealer wasn't really concerned about Lamar's welfare.  He was worried about his own ass -- scared Lamar could die and authorities would come down on him.

Obviously, this doesn't mean Lamar stopped using crack ... we're told he hasn't.  It just means he went on the hunt for a new supplier.

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Once you get this far into an addiction, it is almost impossible to stop. Rehab isn't even much help. He needs a miraculous change in heart and of morality. And that can only come from within and from himself. No one can teach it to him or talk him into it.

379 days ago


Two reasons why your big weekend story is falling fat on its lying face......
1. Nobody believes a word out of your Kardashion paid for mouth or keyboard Cause at this point you have done way past the point of oversaling....

2. People are just plain sick of this and won't even bother with any Lamar story's anymore....

3. If you think your numbers are down now ...Just keep doing what you are doing and Old Harvey will be using this site as a tax write off for being unprofitable any longer and you all will be begging for jobs with Ryan Seacrest who is about the only one that would hire you......
Say hello to Kris Jenner when she calls in the next shot to fire out of her assassination gun.....

379 days ago

some guy    

I'd also probably turn into a crackhead if I had to look at Bruce's face all day.

379 days ago


Everytime the Kartrashians have a problem with their men, TMZ automatically creates a smear campaign against them. I mean, look at what happened to that poor lump Kris Humphries who all in all is a good guy. Truly sickening how much leverage this disgusting family has to destroy people 's lives. I really hope it comes back to bite them in the butt.

379 days ago


Forget Lamar, the one who needs to hightail it Bruce Jenner. You can make fun of him all you want, but the guy is awesome and a legend. Incredible athlete, motivational speaker, and personality. I don't know how the hell he got mixed up with these people. Oh, I know. He hooked up with Kris long before she turned for the worse. He is the ONLY one in the family with any real talent and morals. It is sickening the way they treat him and portray him. But I guess he may share some of the blame for agreeing to be on the show.

379 days ago

Sarah T    

Wow.i remember when Kris was pushing Khloe to provide sexual favours for Lamar so he would buy her a bigger house! How times have changed- this family is so despicable. I cannot stand Kris Jenner. I wish
all of them would just GO AWAY!!

379 days ago


that is proof that Lamar needs help bad. for when his own supplier is cutitng him off besides trying to save his butt from getting busted that screams the addiction is way out of control for Lamar.

379 days ago


You have to be a fool to believe that a drug dealer would cut a customer off! They sell drugs... HELLO... This whole story sounds like BS to me!

379 days ago


If sources can find the drug dealer then why can't the cops.

379 days ago


we are ll being had. I wonder which publicist Lamar Odom is working. You secretly tell all your friends and family that you will be starring in a close to real life outlandish scenario cooked together by a sleazy attorney and a sleazy Hollywood mom. The thirst for fame is so important for them, that they would sell their souls to TMZ. I supposed Warner Brother cut Lamar a check for about 5 million. Sorry Harv, not buying.

379 days ago


Drug dealers sell drugs to people that want them. Addicts die of an overdose every single day. Come on...that's too much. A dealer with fear and a conscience? Not on this planet! Ridiculous.

379 days ago

Bob DaMahn    

LOL cutting off a Star on his level! Dude prolly has more connections in LA than longtime dopefiends across america have. Anyone who really knows about drugs knows until his ass gets thrown in jail or hurt hes gonna keep on smoking, that Crack cause it's got his @ss!

379 days ago


He didn't cut him off to save him he did it to save himself. He didn't want to get busted. With all the kow cams following him he was afraid he would be caught selling the stuff to this duffus. There isn't a drug dealer in the world who gives a rats azz about anyone but himself. Just like the drug user who only cares about the drug he or she wants. Both users and dealers will lie cheat and steal to get what they want. Best case scenario here is he overdoses and the dealer gets arrested for manslaughter. Kind of a win win .

379 days ago


Khloe and the Krackhead

379 days ago


TMZ you are driving us to smoke crack with these stories. Find someone else to stalk please!! It's like the Kardashians are ya'll crack and you can't get enough but we've had enough. Let the man alone!

379 days ago
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