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Lamar Odom

So Bad ... Crack Dealer Cut Him Off

9/7/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
's crack cocaine addiction had reached such dangerous levels ... even his dealer thought the NBA star had gone over the edge, and cut off his supply last week, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the dealer tell us, the crack slinger had delivered the drug to Lamar all summer, but last week, Lamar was insatiable ... calling incessantly and demanding more and more crack.   His go-to dealer apparently got scared enough to cut Lamar off.

No surprise ... the dealer wasn't really concerned about Lamar's welfare.  He was worried about his own ass -- scared Lamar could die and authorities would come down on him.

Obviously, this doesn't mean Lamar stopped using crack ... we're told he hasn't.  It just means he went on the hunt for a new supplier.

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No Avatar


Either TMZ has crack dealer sources or Kris Jenner cooked this up for attention. Pathetic either way.

382 days ago


Lmao this is the best one yet!!! Like a dealer gives a sh$& if the guy lives or dies..on to the next 1

382 days ago


How did they get in contact with the dealer. Don't believe this story at all.

382 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Kanye, take note. You should never have dipped it in that pisswhore Kim because this is what is going to happen to you the minute you step out of Kris' line. That is going to be a hell of a lot more fun than watching what Kris does to Lamar.

382 days ago


Posted this on ROL but what the hell it fits this one two.....LOL

You ever chase a Sow hog when its got out of its pen were it's been queening it over all the other hogs in the pin....? .......Well let me tell you ....you ain't seen nothing more vicious and nasty mean then that same hog when she's finely backed in the corner and fixin to get caught....She will bite your leg or hand off if she gets a half chance...or trample over any other hog that gets in her way to get out of the trap.......and this is a prim example ....and Lamar is just a slow hog that got in the way....and the trap is the collapsing Kardashion Empire....and give you one guess of who that nasty old Queen Sow is......LOL

382 days ago


Yes because drug dealers really care.

382 days ago


Geez, does the kardashians own media takeout and tmz cuz yall goin super hard to destroy his rep. Kanye your dumb ass is up next. Smh. Leave lamar alone!

382 days ago


This has to be the most BULL**** story on this subject. ...."Sources connected to the crack dealer", Dealer cutting people off....HA HA HA, cause he doesn't need the money.......................If a dealer cuts him off, it will only be because the story has now gone national and he does not want to get caught..not because he fears for Lamar's well-being. Come on TMZ!!!!

382 days ago


That's why TMZ keep saying "sources". You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who's feeding TMZ these stories and TMZ eats it up like the bitch they have become......IMO.

382 days ago


His crack dealer cut him off because he prob felt he was gonna get caught. Odom is being followed everywhere he goes. What crack dealer cares that much about his "customers" to help them. lol give me a break

382 days ago


If his next of kin really love him they would realize, he is not in his right mind right on.
They need to contact a lawyer and have the courts order a 5150 on him.
If they don't they deserve to be charged with murder or manslaughter, if he dies.
As a next of kin they are responsable for getting him the medical help he needs.
Not helping is contributing to his demise, which will be very soon, if nothing is done.
What they are doing is not love - kicking him to the curb (street).
I would think his wife when they married would have said "For Better or Worse" "In Sickness and in Health" How quickly people forget that when push comes to shove!

382 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

"Sources connected to the dealer"?... HAHAHAHAHA... who?... a junkie? WHAT A "SOURCE"!

382 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Since WHEN is someone connected to a crack dealer a reliable a truthful "source"?...
Laughed so hard I was close to shartting.

382 days ago


Just goes to show you, you really do have to be high on crack to marry Chloe.

382 days ago

Double O Soul    

You can see the known drug dealer on the reality show, fatass white dude he lived at the crib. But, all bull that Lamar is doing it. Probably just guilt by association.

382 days ago
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