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George Zimmerman


'Get on Your Knees!!!'

9/10/2013 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's like a scene out of "America's Most Wanted" -- cops swarmed George Zimmerman's car yesterday and ordered him to get down on his knees before handcuffing and detaining him ... all over a domestic dispute involving his estranged wife ... and the insane moment was caught on tape.

Lake Mary PD just released the dashcam footage to TMZ, showing a police cruiser careening down the street and coming to a stop about 50 yards away from George's car, parked outside the home he shared with his estranged wife ... before she filed for divorce.

It's all in the video ... police ordered George to get out of his vehicle, turn around, and get on his knees. George complied and he was immediately handcuffed.

As we reported, George's estranged wife Shellie called 911, claiming George had threatened her and her dad inside their home ... gesturing toward his gun. She also accused George of punching her dad in the face.

George was briefly detained for questioning following the incident, but Shellie eventually changed her story -- claiming no gun was ever involved -- and declined to press charges. George was eventually released without being arrested.


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if this doesn't prove that he is a man looking for trouble and has impulse problems and is violent.....unfortunately, that wasn't legal...but this is!

378 days ago


Leave that American hero alone!

378 days ago


Some of the people writing these comments should be ashamed of themselves. That man is as guilty as they come. First of all black, white, chinese, purple, or blue he was told to stop following trayvon once he had alerted the police and the world heard the phone call over and over. Anything done afterwards he should have been responsible for though he was not. Now he is showing everyone that he really is the crazy guy that everyone knew he was. I think he will eventually hang himself. Also everyone want to scream what the media is doing to him this guy loves attention. He wants everyone to know he did what he did and got away with it. For all you racist black or white he broke GOD's law and he will have to answer to him, no matter what any of you think. A jury, judge, fans or friends will be able to get him out of that.

378 days ago


Spell check last sentence "will not be able to help him"

378 days ago


Dumb ass to back slide on her story..

378 days ago


Now I'd like to know what the nut jobs that thought he was not guilty have to say.....who s the THUG AGGRESSOR NOW?!

378 days ago


There are so many ignorant people on this board. I really hope most, if not all, dont reproduce. We don't need ignorant people that bring so much more hate into this world.

He was found not guilty by the jury. There wasn't evidence that he just went and killed the kid to kill him. Also I love the fact that race was brought in to this case by the biggest racists out there. Al Sharpton and our great (haha) president.

378 days ago


Lol George is using all the money from bigots across America to buy his new girlfriend presents and probably vacation and pay his wife's bills and then some... The man doesn't even have to get a job

378 days ago


Shannon, you are a fxxkin moron. You're as dishonest and a race baiter just like Jesse Jackson and that racist Al Sharpton. Trayvon Martin was not a dammmm child. He was 6'2" or 6'3" and as was proved in the trial he started the physical confrontation. Moron moron moron.

378 days ago


So this means that he was guilty on the travon thing??? the logic here is sadly lacking.
are we going to make a big deal out of every young black thug this guy takes out?

378 days ago

Barbara Hunter    

It is time to get off the Zimmerman case. He has suffered enough. Being married to that wife of his is just more proof of it. Why don't we move on from that case. He was found Not Guilty. How about the woman that took a young boy and burned him to death with a blowtorch? But you think George need to be talked about everyday; He shot a kid that had been in trouble most of his life. If he had been mine I would have shot him.

378 days ago


Praying everyday that my friend, Karma, gets Zimmerman soon. I hope he kills his lying wife and does time for it or kills himself to take one step towards making the world a better place!

378 days ago


They should have shot self defense of course.

378 days ago


I love the idiots who say Trayvon was doing nothing wrong. I don't care if he really WASN'T doing anything wrong! It takes a certain kind of person to grab hold of another person's head and bash it into the pavement, and Trayvon DID do that! ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

378 days ago


If she lied then that should be a violation of her probation for calling the cops with a lie

378 days ago
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