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George Zimmerman


'Get on Your Knees!!!'

9/10/2013 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's like a scene out of "America's Most Wanted" -- cops swarmed George Zimmerman's car yesterday and ordered him to get down on his knees before handcuffing and detaining him ... all over a domestic dispute involving his estranged wife ... and the insane moment was caught on tape.

Lake Mary PD just released the dashcam footage to TMZ, showing a police cruiser careening down the street and coming to a stop about 50 yards away from George's car, parked outside the home he shared with his estranged wife ... before she filed for divorce.

It's all in the video ... police ordered George to get out of his vehicle, turn around, and get on his knees. George complied and he was immediately handcuffed.

As we reported, George's estranged wife Shellie called 911, claiming George had threatened her and her dad inside their home ... gesturing toward his gun. She also accused George of punching her dad in the face.

George was briefly detained for questioning following the incident, but Shellie eventually changed her story -- claiming no gun was ever involved -- and declined to press charges. George was eventually released without being arrested.


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President Hussein Obama will not rest until our hero George is behind bars and the only remaining patriots in this country are silenced! See how you like living in a communist country, libs, because it is in the works! Justice for George! These evil lefties will not be happy until their thirst for blood is quenched!

325 days ago



325 days ago

b de v    

St. Trayvon is looking down at Zimmerman right now through his hoodie with a look of concern on his face. That’s something he can’t forget during these trying times.

325 days ago


The NRA and stand your ground losers are now supporting a hispanic female with their legal fund welfare.. not only do they pay taxes but now they provide personal welfare..Sweet...His wife knows he hunted and killed a child, the only marriage that would survive that is one where the wife is a killer herself..He was always an angry, abusive person, he new he could get away with killing a black child in America, but not with killing his wife. He is still on the hunt and will kill her eventually..That's what he wanted to do all along

325 days ago


She was scared right up until she heard there was a woman in the vehicle with George. lol

325 days ago


Racism is soo ****ing stupid to think racists hate races outside of their own based on color, but these same people claim to believe in the 1 person who created us all now if god doesn't hate what gives others the right to choose what color is right and wrong.... Zimmerman tho you are gonna roast what you're going thru is only the beginning

324 days ago


Gun owners are always at higher risk for arrest because as soon as there's a domestic dispute - out comes the gun.
Zimmerman has a gun fetish - which signifies anger issues and control/power fantasies. Probably failed police academy. Any stupid broad who shacks up with him will have the same fate as Drew Peterson's wives. If his Ex doesn't get outta Dodge quick and fast-like she will surely be taking a dirt nap.

324 days ago

Cowboy Crow    

George needs to get away from her, leave Florida and start over someplace else. Stop posing for pictures, quit speeding, and just fade back into normality.

324 days ago

South Side     

Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, shoot him.

324 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Can the police be anymore over reactive? They instruct him to get away from the car, then put your hands on the car. Hell, I was confused by the instructions. Guns drawn, tactical gear, I think it is wise for the police to be cautious, but a little over kill. Notice how compliant he was and of course the allegations against him once again were false. George Zimmerman for Sheriff!

324 days ago


So she files a false report and she doesn't get charged? What a load of crap.

324 days ago


So then TMZ after all of this was he charged.................oh yea that is right he was not. So not sure why this is news. I see though you are back to Lamar Odom so all is right in the TMZ world I guess.

324 days ago


He has had more run ins with the police than Trayvon ever had. Yet he is called a hero by some morons.

324 days ago

Juanita Isaac    

He is not going to jail because his wife is not press charge again him , unit he kill her or some one else, or maybe this is just a show so they can make money or maybe a movie , which i would not pay to see.

324 days ago

kristle p    

does he have to kill his whole family to get put away? oh wait they would let him go aswell if he did that because the a@#hole got away with murder he has a complex and thinks hes gonna get away with anything nice going lake mary pd

324 days ago
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