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Lamar Odom

I Don't Have a Crack Problem

9/10/2013 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom says he's absolutely NOT a drug addict ... doesn't need professional help ... and is confident he'll play in the NBA next season.

He's wrong on all 3 counts.

33-year-old Odom went to Teru Sushi in Studio City last night ... and after taking some photos with fans, he finally addressed the media about drug issues in his life ... claiming everything is hunky-dory.

Problem is ... Odom is clearly in denial. As we've previously reported, just about everyone in his life -- personally and professionally -- knows about his battle with substance abuse, including his wife Khloe Kardashian.

In the last year alone, Lamar's been thrown out of hotels ... busted for DUI ... spent time in rehab ... and dropped from multiple NBA teams.

Still, Lamar insists ... "Life is good."


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No Avatar


Lamar Odom doesn't have a crack problem, crack has a Lamar Odom problem

408 days ago


OMG -- Why are exaggerating???? TMZ, why are you after this man??

408 days ago


Then it's safe to say you lost your fxxkin game without any apparent reason.....

408 days ago


It looks to me that Lamar is running away from the Kardashians. Good. He was dropped from teams because of that manipulative family. Do you honestly think the NBA would'nt drug test him? And do you honestly think the NBA, after the Humphries debacle, wants the Kardashian family making business deals with the teams? This entire story is the worst piece of crap spin we have ever heard.

408 days ago


Is Khloe trying to lure Lamar back, by posting provocative, (photo shopped) pics of herself??
Hoping to entice him back for unbridled sex??
Unfortunately, their relationship was based on lust only..(Just like mama taught her). That never lasts.Nice try Khloe.

408 days ago


I like how tmz acts like it knows everything and can lecture like a disappointed parent

408 days ago


What he really means is he can get his beloved CRACK anytime he wants, so there is "No Problem"

408 days ago


Geezh, TMZ twisting what was said in the video much ??

408 days ago


Lamar Odom has a KarTRASHian problem... and so does Harvey, because he writes whatever Mama Pimp tells him to!

408 days ago


BOY - People are going to feel like such FOOLS for believing the media by the end of this saga ..This has been a Kris Jenner/Ryan Seacrest Production ..

408 days ago


Tmz and the trash. Hoes. Are in denial.lamar time to sue

408 days ago


Let's see if I can get blocked off of here like ROL did because i didn't kiss Kardashion ass like they want people to....get to near the real true and they will block you with a moderator who does not let the bashing get anywhere near the truth.....
You ask him a question ...and he answered you and then you tear the hell out of his answer calling him a liar , in denial because you said so and siting you sources .....Bullshyt .....
There has NOT BEEN one solid undeniable piece of proof that this man is a crack addict.....Oh he is on something but a Crack Addict he is not....
This is all Kardashion Mud slinging and driven by the Pre nup agreement clause ....If she can show he is a addict and cheat she can go after every dam cent he has and he can't touch hers....period and end of story....this is about MONEY and How much she can get in a divorcee and if she had managed to get pregnant then she would have raked in the mother load for the next 18 yrs......It all come down to how much MONEY they can grab....

408 days ago


Why the hell is this called TMZ SPORTS? I haven't seen anything related to sports other thanTMZ taking shots at athletes... That's not sports news and any real sports fan knows that. Just throw this in with all the other crap yall dish out. And by the way I like all the crap... Just don't BS me with your SPORTS DPT.

408 days ago


"I don't have a crack problem. You give me crack. I smoke it. No problem!"

408 days ago


He still referred to her as his wife.So what is this, a trial separation?? All of these people are totally nuts. Mostly they just have WAY too much money!!

408 days ago
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