Bieber's Sidekicks Gunning for MTV Reality Show

9/10/2013 1:00 AM PDT

Justin Bieber's Sidekicks -- Gunning for MTV Reality Show


Justin Bieber's "Lil" BFFs are officially on the hunt for an MTV reality show ... and, naturally, they're trying to rope JB into the action ... TMZ has learned.

We spoke to Lil Za on his way out of Pick Up Stix in Calabasas this weekend ... and in between mouthfulls of Chicken Chow Mein, Za spilled the beans.

"Twist is actually about to pitch a TV show with MTV," Za told us ... "Hopefully they pick it up. They will though ... it's quite entertaining."

Za says the show will focus on Lil Twist's aspiring rap career ... and claims Bieber will most likely make a few appearances "here and there" when he's not on tour.

We're told Za is also trying to break into acting -- and has reached out to Bieber for advice -- since JB did a real bang up job the last time he graced the small screen ...