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'Biggest Loser' Trainer

Slams Jillian Michaels

She Embarrassed Herself at Malibu Triathlon

9/12/2013 7:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jillian Michaels didn't just SUCK ASS at the Malibu Triathlon -- she was an EMBARRASSMENT -- so says her former "Biggest Loser" co-star Cara Castronuova.

As we previously reported, Michaels was a disaster at last weekend's big race -- admitting to TMZ she got beat by a bunch of people a world class fitness professional shouldn't have lost to ... including an 80-year-old.

But when we ran into Cara last night in L.A., the former B.L. trainer didn't pull punches -- telling us. "I would probably kill myself if that happened to me."

Cara said Michaels likely bombed because she didn't take the event seriously -- "That's what happens a lot with people that think they're in really good shape. They take things lightly and then they embarrass themselves."


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No Avatar


I guess she just forgot to change the batteries of her permanent vibrator...

351 days ago


Yeah, it happens. Everyone runs out of roids sometimes.

351 days ago


I think the fact she is even out there attempting to do it is more than most people can say. Furthermore, it's not like she doesn't have a busy schedule. I'm sure she learned something about training for this type of event more seriously and has moved on.

351 days ago


That woman is a cucking funt. She berates people over their weight, making them do medically ill advised amount of exercise with NO medical knowledge. I wish someone would steeltoe her in the face.

351 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Jillian Michaels brand should take a dip and hopefully most of her sponsors drop her... hmmm... a Change [dot] org petition would be beneficial, but do they really help?

351 days ago


I've seen her treat people horribly & tries to justify it bc she's this fitness powerhouse. I'm glad she made an ass of herself & got knocked down several pegs.

351 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Maybe if some one yelled and cussed at her for a long time in front of everyone and then knelt and made a monkey face frown whilst telling her some BS pep story (sad piano in the background, mind you) until she starts crying and blames others for her failures (oh, she did that on the triathlon)... just like she does at the chubbies on TBL

351 days ago


Just because someone is in shape doesn't mean they can participate in a triathalon. You need to train for those things. When I was fittest, I probably couldn't have run more than a mile because I was not a long distance runner - was good at short spurt. Give her a break.

351 days ago


Cara who??? Like jealous much Cara?? Perhaps you should show us how it's done, until then shut up. Wanna be's drive me nuts, she just wishes she had Jillian's bank account!!

351 days ago


And Jillian has the nerve to scream and yell at 400lb contestants, who have never worked out a day in their lives, for not being able to run for 5 minutes straight. Grant it, that sounds silly but if you have never done it and you are carrying around all that weight it is extremely hard. But NO.. Jillian screams and tells them to "get out" like the witch that she is... someone should have been there to scream in her face.

351 days ago


She embarrassed herself long ago in my opinion by yelling at all the people she was training saying **** like , "mothers can find time to work out if they tried hard enough, and they needed to put their health b4 their kids cause if their healthy it makes their kids happy blah blah" and once she became a mother she realized that sometimes you just DONT have anytime for yourself, even to shower let alone a 2 hr work out ! but I guess at least she apologized for that.. but it don't change all the mothers she made feel like **** in the past

351 days ago


She needs to exercise that wonky eye

351 days ago


Geez, Cara! Seriously?

351 days ago


I think talking suicide is a little harsh, but that is pretty bad performance. The distance is slightly more than a typical sprint. I've done several at faster paces, and I'm not a professional fit person, but compete (solidly) in the Clydesdale division

351 days ago


Jillian Michaels didn't just SUCK ASS at the Malibu Triathlon -- she was an EMBARRASSMENT -- so says her former "Biggest Loser" co-star Cara Castronuova...................and i hear jillian loves vaginas

351 days ago
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